Generate More Business with Online Reviews and Ratings 17:55 minutes

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Attract, nurture, and convert online leads with one of the most powerful tools around.

  • Learn the right way to reach out to past clients

  • Discover how to produce high-quality visuals

  • Find out how to share social proof with your real estate leads

  • One of the first steps for today’s buyer is to go online and look at reviews. Everything has reviews these days – tools, electronics, movies – even agents like you!

    How do you make sure the positive reviews reach your target audience? Tune in to Placester’s exclusive, on-demand webinar to find out.

    If you’re new to the real estate industry – this session will teach you good habits. If you’re a more seasoned agent, you’ll learn how to maximize the great experience you’ve given happy former customers.

    Join Courteney McDonnell, Director of Customer Success and Mike Arnold, Director of Channels to learn the best practices for collecting client reviews, gaining referrals, and displaying ratings online for future clients to see!


  • Courteney McDonnell Director of Customer Success, Placester

  • Mike Arnold Director of Channels, Placester