Boost Your Lead-to-Client Conversion Rate Webinar 11:45 minutes

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The secret to turning online leads into new real estate clients.

  • Optimize your website for search engines and online visitors

  • Learn how to share custom site pages

  • Explore ways to engage “hot” leads with autoresponder messages

  • An attractive website is only the beginning of the battle in winning over your online visitors. Do you have a strategy in place for collecting their information, staying in touch, and knowing when it’s time to make a pitch for their business?

    Join Placester Sales Director Emily Radkowski as she gives you a behind the scenes look at Placester’s marketing software and services – including sleek IDX websites and powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help you track and stay in touch with leads and contacts.  

    From lead forms to email autoresponders, this 10-minute real estate lead nurturing demo is packed full of actionable tips and backend examples, so check it out today!

Webinar Hosts

  • Emily Radkowski Director of Sales Enablement, Placester