How to Generate and Nurture Leads with Online Reviews 22 pages

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Use your customer testimonials to attract new real estate business online.

  • Share what makes you so special

  • Explain why your customers love you

  • Give potential new customers a clear understanding of the value you provide

  • When shopping online, what kinds of brands do you tend to purchase from most often: ones that just focus on their products and services, or ones that share who they are, what they sell, and what people have said about them?

    Social proof helps businesses large and small build their customer bases. Reviews, ratings, testimonials, case studies — they all play an important role in gaining more brand recognition and market share.

    Customer reviews are one of the most powerful tools real estate agents have in their marketing arsenal. Our guide teaches you how to use reviews, testimonials, case studies, and other social proof from past clients to convert your online leads into new real estate business.


  • Matthew Bushery Sr. Content Writer, Placester