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Learn everything Placester has to offer with this exhaustive list.

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  • Lightning Fast

    Use dropdown and slideout menus to adjust settings and content instantly without reloading the page.

  • Easy to Use

    Get up and running quickly and easily with our simple, intuitive interface.

  • Ad Free

    No forced ads or banners here: your site is your own.

  • Automatic Updates

    New features, functionality, and improvements are automatically updated on your site.

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Website Designs
  • Designed for Real Estate

    Each Placester website design is purpose-built from the ground up with real estate in mind.

  • Responsive Designs

    Placester’s designs automatically scale web content to fit any screen size, delivering an easy reading and navigation experience across desktop and mobile devices.

  • Built for Search

    Real estate search forms are included on nearly every page of your Placester site, including the homepage.

  • Modern Designs

    Placester’s site designs are built in-house with modern browsers and devices in mind, and employ the latest techniques for HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • Design Switching

    All of Placester’s designs are compatible, so you can quickly and easily switch without breaking your site or losing your content.

  • Made to Capture Leads

    Placester’s designs have contact forms on every page, making it easy for your visitors to reach out.

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Customization Options
  • Adjustable Color Schemes

    Customize your theme with a color palette that fits your brand and style.

  • Custom Favicon

    Upload a custom favicon your visitors will see in their browser tabs and bookmarks.

  • Custom Site Title

    Choose the site title that visitors see when they find you online and visit your site.

  • Image Slideshow

    Customize your homepage with up to five high-resolution photos of your community, region, listings, or team.

  • Custom Images

    Add your own images to any page or post.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Create as many pages and blog posts as you want.

  • Custom Logo

    Upload and display your company logo in your site’s header.

  • Custom Navigation

    Create, organize, and rename the pages in your site’s navigation menu.

  • Custom Contact Info

    Add your phone, email, and social accounts so leads can get in touch with you directly.

  • Featured Listings

    Select up to 8 property listings to feature on your homepage.

  • Agent Photos

    Add your own headshots to About, Agent Roster and Agent Bio pages.

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Data Integration
  • Free* IDX Integration

    Automatically import property info directly from your MLS via RETS.

    *MLS fees may apply

  • MLS Compliant

    All listing data is automatically displayed and formatted in accordance with local MLS standards and policies.

  • Up-to-Date Information

    Your listings are automatically updated daily with current information from your MLS.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Placester integrates with over 90 percent of MLSs in the United States, and we’re adding more every day.

  • Comprehensive Details

    Each property details page contains all MLS listing information.

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Listings Search
  • Search From Any Page

    Nearly every page comes with a quick search widget, so your visitors can search your listings anywhere.

  • Filter Your Listings

    Limit the MLS listings your customers can see and search.

  • Favorite Listings

    Visitors who create accounts and sign in can save their favorite properties with one click.

  • Search Form Options

    Choose from several basic and advanced search form configurations to tailor your customers’ search experience.

  • Map Locations

    Every property is geocoded so that visitors who access a property details page can see a listing’s location in Google Maps.

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Lead Capture
  • Customer Registration & Login

    Visitors can register for your site to save their favorite listings.

  • Active Lead Capture

    Visitors must fill out an overlay contact form in order to proceed to the property details page.

  • Contact Forms

    Every page has a built-in contact form to encourage your visitors to get in touch.

  • Passive Lead Capture

    Visitors who want to learn more about a listing can submit their information via a contact form on each property details page.

  • Email Forwarding

    Forward leads generated by your Placester site to one or more email addresses—a great way to send your leads to third-party open CRMs.

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  • Page Templates

    Create a new page quickly and easily with preconfigured templates for several common page types.

  • Agent Bio Pages

    Give every agent their own dedicated biography and contact page.

  • Contact Page

    Encourage visitors to reach out with fields for contact information and questions and comments.

  • Property Detail Pages

    Give visitors a closer look at your properties with listing photos, full MLS data, and Google Maps integration.

  • Images & Video

    Add photos, graphics, and videos to any page.

  • Agent Roster Page

    Profile all the agents on your team, with the option to include contact information, MLS ID, and links to social media accounts.

  • Testimonials Page

    Create powerful customer testimonials and easily choose which ones to feature.

  • About Page

    Compose a bio and a mission statement to reinforce your brand.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Create as many pages as you wish on your site.

  • Linking Tool

    Easily create hyperlinks in text or images to outside pages or pre-defined searches.

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  • Post Previews

    Offer short previews of recent posts on your main blog page.

  • Featured Images

    For any post, set a featured image to display on the main blog page.

  • Text Formatting

    Format your blog posts with quotes, bulleted and numbered lists, and multiple heading styles.

  • Upload Visuals

    Easily upload your own images, graphics, and videos to any blog post.

  • Custom Excerpts

    For any post, create custom text excerpts to display on your main blog page.

  • Save As Draft

    Save unfinished or unscheduled posts to resume or publish later.

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  • Contact Widget

    A contact form in the margin of any page allows visitors to provide their name, phone number, and email, along with questions and comments.

  • Mortgage Calculator

    Allow visitors to easily calculate monthly mortgage payments on listing detail pages as well as your homepage.

  • Search Widget

    Visitors can search your listings at any time via a simple search form in the margins of every page.

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  • Image Uploader

    Drag and drop or use your file manager to upload photos and graphics.

  • Edit Images

    Add titles, insert links, and choose the alignment of your images in any page or post.

  • Listing Photo Galleries

    MLS photo galleries are automatically created for each listing with a slideshow presentation style.

  • Add Videos

    Add a video to any page or post with an embed code or link.

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Connected Services
  • Social Media Accounts

    Link accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ to your real estate website.

  • Google Analytics

    No coding required to enable website tracking: simply provide the tracking ID from your Google Analytics admin page, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Social Sharing Buttons

    Include social sharing links and buttons in your header and footer as well as listing pages, blog index, and blog posts.

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Domains & Hosting
  • Free Hosting

    Reliable hosting by Placester included with your website subscription.

  • Map Custom Domains

    Use your own top-level domain as the primary URL for your real estate website.

  • Domain Provided

    Every Placester website comes with a personalized myrealestateplatform.com domain (you.myrealestateplatform.com).

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  • No Plugins Necessary

    Placester sites are optimized for search engines right out of the box, so there’s no need for additional plugins or third-party services.

  • Search-Friendly URLs

    Page and post slugs are SEO-friendly from the start.

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Broker Features
  • Simplified Billing

    Make payments and manage billing for all your Placester sites from a single broker dashboard.

  • Bulk IDX Setup

    For participating MLSs, save time and paperwork by submitting your entire agent roster for group IDX data approval.

  • Custom Lead Attributes

    Complete your lead profiles with additional custom details.

  • White-Label Dashboards

    Personalize your broker and agent backend site dashboards by uploading your company logo.

  • Agent Invite

    Send new agents an email invitation from your broker dashboard with a direct link to create their Placester website.

  • Lead Management

    Monitor leads for your broker, office, and agent websites from your broker dashboard.

  • Multi-Site Management

    Easily add, remove, and manage all your team’s sites from your broker dashboard.

  • Premium Broker Support

    Get exclusive support by phone or email from Placester’s broker team.

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  • Phone Support

    Call our Placester experts Monday through Friday to request help.

  • Support Articles

    Access dozens of detailed guides, tutorials, and videos at support.placester.com

  • Email Support

    Reach out anytime at support@placester.com.

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