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Learn everything Placester has to offer with this exhaustive list.

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Lightning Fast

Use dropdown and slideout menus to adjust settings and content instantly without reloading the page.

Easy to Use

Get up and running quickly and easily with our simple, intuitive interface.

Ad Free

No forced ads or banners here: your site is your own.

Automatic Updates

New features, functionality, and improvements are automatically updated on your site.

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Website Designs

Designed for Real Estate

Each Placester website design is purpose-built from the ground up with real estate in mind.

Responsive Designs

Placester’s designs automatically scale web content to fit any screen size, delivering an easy reading and navigation experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Built for Search

Real estate search forms are included on nearly every page of your Placester site, including the homepage.

Modern Designs

Placester’s site designs are built in-house with modern browsers and devices in mind, and employ the latest techniques for HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Design Switching

All of Placester’s designs are compatible, so you can quickly and easily switch without breaking your site or losing your content.

Made to Capture Leads

Placester’s designs have contact forms on every page, making it easy for your visitors to reach out.

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Customization Options

Adjustable Color Schemes

Customize your theme with a color palette that fits your brand and style.

Custom Favicon

Upload a custom favicon your visitors will see in their browser tabs and bookmarks.

Custom Site Title

Choose the site title that visitors see when they find you online and visit your site.

Image Slideshow

Customize your homepage with up to five high-resolution photos of your community, region, listings, or team.

Custom Images

Add your own images to any page or post.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages and blog posts as you want.

Custom Logo

Upload and display your company logo in your site’s header.

Custom Navigation

Create, organize, and rename the pages in your site’s navigation menu.

Custom Contact Info

Add your phone, email, and social accounts so leads can get in touch with you directly.

Featured Listings

Select up to 8 property listings to feature on your homepage.

Agent Photos

Add your own headshots to About, Agent Roster and Agent Bio pages.

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Data Integration

Free* IDX Integration

Automatically import property info directly from your MLS via RETS.

*MLS fees may apply

MLS Compliant

All listing data is automatically displayed and formatted in accordance with local MLS standards and policies.

Up-to-Date Information

Your listings are automatically updated daily with current information from your MLS.

Nationwide Coverage

Placester integrates with over 90 percent of MLSs in the United States, and we’re adding more every day.

Comprehensive Details

Each property details page contains all MLS listing information.

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Listings Search

Search From Any Page

Nearly every page comes with a quick search widget, so your visitors can search your listings anywhere.

Filter Your Listings

Limit the MLS listings your customers can see and search.

Favorite Listings

Visitors who create accounts and sign in can save their favorite properties with one click.

Search Form Options

Choose from several basic and advanced search form configurations to tailor your customers’ search experience.

Map Locations

Every property is geocoded so that visitors who access a property details page can see a listing’s location in Google Maps.

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Lead Capture

Customer Registration & Login

Visitors can register for your site to save their favorite listings.

Active Lead Capture

Visitors must fill out an overlay contact form in order to proceed to the property details page.

Contact Forms

Every page has a built-in contact form to encourage your visitors to get in touch.

Passive Lead Capture

Visitors who want to learn more about a listing can submit their information via a contact form on each property details page.

Email Forwarding

Forward leads generated by your Placester site to one or more email addresses—a great way to send your leads to third-party open CRMs.

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Page Templates

Create a new page quickly and easily with preconfigured templates for several common page types.

Agent Bio Pages

Give every agent their own dedicated biography and contact page.

Contact Page

Encourage visitors to reach out with fields for contact information and questions and comments.

Property Detail Pages

Give visitors a closer look at your properties with listing photos, full MLS data, and Google Maps integration.

Images & Video

Add photos, graphics, and videos to any page.

Agent Roster Page

Profile all the agents on your team, with the option to include contact information, MLS ID, and links to social media accounts.

Testimonials Page

Create powerful customer testimonials and easily choose which ones to feature.

About Page

Compose a bio and a mission statement to reinforce your brand.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages as you wish on your site.

Linking Tool

Easily create hyperlinks in text or images to outside pages or pre-defined searches.

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Post Previews

Offer short previews of recent posts on your main blog page.

Featured Images

For any post, set a featured image to display on the main blog page.

Text Formatting

Format your blog posts with quotes, bulleted and numbered lists, and multiple heading styles.

Upload Visuals

Easily upload your own images, graphics, and videos to any blog post.

Custom Excerpts

For any post, create custom text excerpts to display on your main blog page.

Save As Draft

Save unfinished or unscheduled posts to resume or publish later.

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Contact Widget

A contact form in the margin of any page allows visitors to provide their name, phone number, and email, along with questions and comments.

Mortgage Calculator

Allow visitors to easily calculate monthly mortgage payments on listing detail pages as well as your homepage.

Search Widget

Visitors can search your listings at any time via a simple search form in the margins of every page.

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Image Uploader

Drag and drop or use your file manager to upload photos and graphics.

Edit Images

Add titles, insert links, and choose the alignment of your images in any page or post.

Listing Photo Galleries

MLS photo galleries are automatically created for each listing with a slideshow presentation style.

Add Videos

Add a video to any page or post with an embed code or link.

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Connected Services

Social Media Accounts

Link accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ to your real estate website.

Google Analytics

No coding required to enable website tracking: simply provide the tracking ID from your Google Analytics admin page, and we’ll do the rest.

Social Sharing Buttons

Include social sharing links and buttons in your header and footer as well as listing pages, blog index, and blog posts.

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Domains & Hosting

Free Hosting

Reliable hosting by Placester included with your website subscription.

Map Custom Domains

Use your own top-level domain as the primary URL for your real estate website.

Domain Provided

Every Placester website comes with a personalized myrealestateplatform.com domain (you.myrealestateplatform.com).

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No Plugins Necessary

Placester sites are optimized for search engines right out of the box, so there’s no need for additional plugins or third-party services.

Search-Friendly URLs

Page and post slugs are SEO-friendly from the start.

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Broker Features

Simplified Billing

Make payments and manage billing for all your Placester sites from a single broker dashboard.

Bulk IDX Setup

For participating MLSs, save time and paperwork by submitting your entire agent roster for group IDX data approval.

Custom Lead Attributes

Complete your lead profiles with additional custom details.

White-Label Dashboards

Personalize your broker and agent backend site dashboards by uploading your company logo.

Agent Invite

Send new agents an email invitation from your broker dashboard with a direct link to create their Placester website.

Lead Management

Monitor leads for your broker, office, and agent websites from your broker dashboard.

Multi-Site Management

Easily add, remove, and manage all your team’s sites from your broker dashboard.

Premium Broker Support

Get exclusive support by phone or email from Placester’s broker team.

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Phone Support

Call our Placester experts Monday through Friday to request help.

Support Articles

Access dozens of detailed guides, tutorials, and videos at support.placester.com

Email Support

Reach out anytime at support@placester.com.

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