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[Video] Marketing Academy Secrets: How to Generate Leads on Social Media

By Seth Price


In episode 14 of Marketing Academy Secrets, we show you how to leverage social media for generating new leads.

So often we think of social media as a way to broadcast our message. That’s one of the disconnects of how social media is used by marketers — that it’s a one-way channel. The real opportunity to drive results with social comes from listening to the conversations that your customers and prospective customers might be having online. We recently did an infographic called the 12 Tenets of Content Creation, and the very first tenet is that you need to listen to the conversations that are happening in your market. In social media, it’s really simple: Folks are asking questions about things to do with geography and finding homes and — for the most part — real estate agents aren’t answering those questions.

Gary Vaynerchuck did an article recently called “13 Tweets a Real Estate Agent Should Have Answered, Not Me.” It’s a really good example of people asking questions about real estate (e.g. “Are any of my followers from Colorado Springs? I’m looking for an apartment…”) and no one answering those questions. That’s a huge opportunity for an agent or brand to engage in a way and — without selling — provide some useful information.

I want to reiterate that you shouldn’t go for the hard sell. It’s like dating. You don’t walk up to someone and ask them to come back to your apartment to have dinner. You first take the time to find out who that person is, you introduce yourself, and you try to be helpful in some way. Maybe you’re cute and humorous and all of those great things that happen in an interaction. Online is exactly the same way. You really need to be useful because there are so many bits of information that are going past, why should this person interact with you? You need to entertain them or provide some value. So that’s a good place to start. The selling comes in when they are asking for more information. You add value first, and (ideally) you will be asked for something more. And that’s when you can lead into what it is that you do: You’re an expert in a certain area, you’re a real estate agent, and you’re happy to help if they want some guidance on how to find a place.

Let’s talk about social listening on Twitter. Twitter is a very active community where lots of people are asking questions. And it’s really easy to focus them down by location. Gahlord Dewald, who’s someone I really respect — a great online marketer, SEO, and general brand strategist — wrote an article called Twitter Location Search: A Complete Guide. Read that. It’ll teach you exactly how to use Twitter to search by geographic area. Then you can start searching for terms and be notified when someone is actually searching for real estate in a geographic area you cover.

You can expand your social listening by using some tools. MarketMeSuite is a great social tool for listening to what’s going on. HootSuite is another fantastic tool. We happen to use that as a team. It allows you to schedule your tweets and other messages, but it also allows you to follow by all types of different things, whether that’s geographic location, keywords, hashtags…things that might be important to your customers and that are certainly going to be important to you if you’re trying to interact with them.

The last thing I would do is schedule time for social media listening and lead generation so you do it on a regular basis. This can’t be a “one and done.” Social media, like content marketing, like sales, like relationship building, is really about consistency. You know the folks who are going to show up in your life as a friend. It’s the same online. When people see you consistently, they get comfortable with who you are and they start to trust you. And you want to make sure you’re doing that online as well.

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