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Delivering Next Click Opportunities [Video]


By Colin Ryan


During a panel discussion at Inman’s Real Estate Connect 2012, Placester CTO Frederick Townes talks about a few ways to engage leads in real time and keep them on your site, even when they haven’t found what they’re looking for.


Frederick Townes:  I just wanted to add a couple of things there, some really good points. One of them that comes to mind and I’m going to go in no particular order, but the inside sales piece, like I see a lot of people using live chat systems that let you kind of follow people through the site and give them metadata about what they’ve done and maybe where they’re coming from, which as an inside salesperson gives you some insight into what you might say you want to [inaudible] them and throw up a prompt using that chat software and say, “Hey, I saw that you viewed all of these property listings in like, downtown.

Gahlord Dewald:  Like [indistinct], for example, would be a tool that does that.

FT:  Well, you’re right, that’s an analytics tool that does it, but there’s lots of chat tools that are fairly inexpensive that you can add to your site that do that in kind of a non-threatening way.  Then, another thing that just comes to mind is that there’s different types of conversions, so initially when you asked the question I was thinking more about, “OK, I’ve got traffic on my site. What am I doing wrong, so to speak, that’s preventing me from unlocking, if you will, all these people that seem to want talk to me about what I seem to have some knowledge about or access to, etc.?”

But there are a lot of different types of conversions. In particular, once you’ve got that traffic and someone’s landed on a page that, maybe, they found in Google so it’s a listing they’re already interested in, and let’s say it’s an old listing that’s off the market or something like that, or it’s not available, or actually the price is not what was advertised, or for whatever reason they can’t have access to it, suggesting other what I call “next click opportunities,” other properties they might be interested in, so they don’t just bounce from the site.  So keeping them on the site is still . . .

GD: Kind of like, “Amazon recommends that you look at this and that.”

FT:  That’s exactly right, so just keeping them on the site so you can continue to build that trust or have more opportunities to make that relationship stronger just kind of goes back to what you’re saying. It’s an experience thing.

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