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Top 5 Posts on Lead Generation for Real Estate

By Seth Price


lead generation for real estateLeads: all real estate professionals want them, but not all real estate professionals have the proper strategies in place to get them. Furthermore, knowing exactly what to do with leads (i.e. how to properly nurture them and convert them into customers) can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several industry experts who have shared their knowledge of real estate lead generation on the Web. We’ve compiled five of our favorite posts here so you don’t have to go searching for quality advice.

In no particular order…

1) 4 Myths of Online Real Estate Lead Generation

by Amy Chorew (via RISMedia)

This post by Amy Chorew (Vice President of Platform Development at Better Homes & Garden Real Estate) is the perfect primer for real estate professionals who are new to the world of online lead generation. In the post, Chorew lays out four major myths about lead generation and lead management and offers practical tips for improving your sales performance. Quote: “The rapidly evolving online world makes it imperative that you create a system to grab and retain the attention of today’s home buyer…Building a successful online lead generation system takes time, skill and management.”

2) Diversify Your Real Estate Lead Sources, or Buckle Up

by Sam DeBord (via Inman News)

In this in-depth post on developing a successful lead generation strategy, author Sam DeBord (a Seattle-based real estate broker) stresses the importance of sourcing leads from multiple channels. DeBord uses a sports analogy to warn real estate professionals that they shouldn’t focus solely on attracting and converting leads as quickly as possible: a long-term strategy is a must. Quote: “Professional sports organizations are highly incentivized to win quickly. This causes a strategy within many teams that focuses only on having the best possible team on the field right now, no matter the long-term cost.”

3) 4 Reasons Why You’re Losing Leads

by Brandon Stuerke (via RISMedia)

Looking for a few quick tips for evaluating — and revamping — your real estate lead generation strategy? Business coach and marketing strategist Brandon Stuerke has got you covered. In the post, Stuerke points to four lead generation faux pas: 1) calls-to-action that are all-or-nothing, 2) no lead capture on your website, 3) indifference to interactions, and 4) using social media without a plan. Quote: “Instead of allowing those ‘cooler’ leads to fall by the wayside, businesses should capture and cultivate them. Eventually, they’ll find that instead of constantly chasing leads, they’re harvesting new clients.”

4) The True Cost of Real Estate Lead Generation

by Art Darmanin (via Sellstate Realty)

This easy-to-digest post by Art Darmanin (CEO at Sellstate) explores the different types of real estate leads and the costs associated with each. For example, while Darmanin points out that office walk-ins are often high-quality leads, he also notes that “that usually means that they are in a superior location with higher rent.” As a result, costs are often passed on to you, either through your commission structure or a referral fee. In his post, Darmanin also assesses the quality and cost of online leads, as this quote highlights… Quote: “The best source of Internet leads are the ones where the prospects contact you directly. Your website, if it’s well designed and promoted, will yield some of these leads.”

5) If Your Website Isn’t Driving Leads, You’re Wasting Your Time

by Seth Price (via Real Estate Marketing Academy)

Unlike the other posts on this list, this post from our Real Estate Marketing Academy focuses on generating leads via one specific source: your real estate website. In the post, Placester’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Seth Price, offers several tips for optimizing your site for lead generation. These tips include making it clear to your site’s visitors who you are, what you do, where you’re located, and what you’re offering. Quote: “Above all, remember that no matter how bad the market is, your leads are out there, searching for the path to their new home. All you have to do is show them the way.”

Know of another great post on lead generation for real estate? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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