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Tools for Real Estate Video: The Apps

By Colin Ryan


use these apps to edit video on apple or android device

Cut your property videos on the go

All the lenses and accessories in the world won’t matter if you don’t have the right software to create a finished product. Here are the top apps out there for real estate agents looking to edit and upload video directly from their smartphones or tablets.


The superior reputation of the iPhone and iPad camera are backed up by several great video editing apps.

video editing app for ipadiMovie ($4.99, 3.5/5 stars)

Apple’s native video editor now comes in an iPad version with great touch support. You can drag and drop to add clips, then swipe down to split them. Once you’ve selected your clips, iMovie also offers 8 themes, each with its own set of titles, transitions, and music. For video slideshows, use the Ken Burns effect to animate your photos. When you’re done, you can publish directly to your YouTube/Vimeo channel or Facebook page.

video editing app for ipadPinnacle Studio ($12.99, 4/5 stars)

Formerly Avid Studio, Pinnacle aims to justify its high price tag with the most advanced features and tools for video editing of any iPad app. Pinnacle offers montage templates, tons of transition effects, picture-in-picture modes, and advanced options for animated titles and graphics. With 1080p output and one-touch YouTube sharing, you’ll never have to leave the app.

video capture and editing app for iphone and ipadBlux Movie ($0.99, 4/5 stars)

A companion to Blux’s terrific photo-editing app, Blux Movie for the iPhone and Blux Movie HD for the iPad let you add fun post-production effects like filters and split screen views to your videos. Yes, you have to record with Blux to edit with it, and you can’t do any cutting; but Blux is compatible with iMovie, which means you can add your flair and do your fine tuning elsewhere.

Splice (Free, 3.5/5 stars)

The only free iPhone offering on this list, Splice offers just about everything iMovie does, plus some more advanced features for mixing and synchronizing multiple audio tracks. Unfortunately, Splice doesn’t offer an iPhone 5 or iPad app, and the existing app hasn’t been updated since September 2011.


The apps in Google Play may not be as sleek as Blux or as pedigreed as iMovie, but Android users can get some pretty advanced video editing features for free.

automated video editing app for android/iosMagisto (Free, 4.5/5 stars)

Looking for a quick and easy way to cut a property video? Magisto is unique in that automates the whole process. Simply select the videos you want to edit together, choose a soundtrack from your library or Magisto’s, add a title, and kick back. Magisto’s algorithm selects the best parts of your clips, adds transitions, and churns out a decent finished product.

video editing app for androidVidTrim (Free, 4.5/5 stars)

VidTrim is a fine option if you’re looking for the bare editing essentials. Trim video clips directly from your smartphone or tablet, then email or upload to YouTube. The Pro version ($2.84) adds the ability to add filters and effects, grab stills, and compress your clips.

AndroVid (Free, 4/5 stars)

AndroVid offers many of the same features as VidTrim, plus the ability to rotate/flip your clips and save and export projects in multiple video formats (.avi, .mp4, .mov, etc.). The app also allows you to cut sections from the middle of your videos as well as from the start/end.

video editing app for androidMovie Aid (Free, 3.5/5 stars)

Movie Aid gives you everything you need to edit multiple videos into a finished product of up to 60 seconds. You can drag to trim video and audio, add transitions, and manipulate speed. You can also include titles and subtitles, choose fonts, styles, and colors, and drag to reposition text. When you’re done, you can specify size and frame rate, save as an mp4, and send to YouTube/Facebook.

Have feedback on one of these apps? Use an iOS/Android video editing solution we forgot to mention? Share your insight in the comments!

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