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The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

By Colin Ryan


What Is The Long Tail?

You might assume that the majority of search traffic on Google comes from the most popular keywords, the ones that are searched thousands or millions of times every month. The reality, however, may surprise you:

Long tail keywords make up 70 percent of all searches

Notice that the top 10,000 keywords make up less than 20 percent of overall search traffic. The vast majority, 70 percent, comes from the less glamorous but crucial keywords in the long tail.

Keywords in the long tail are usually, well, longer (4-6 words). They’re also more specific than the average keyword. In real estate, many long tail keywords refer to a particular neighborhood, property type, or industry niche: downtown columbus ohio luxury apartments. Others might be exact title matches for existing marketing content: owner’s guide to preparing your home for vacation rental.

Advantages of the Long Tail

Because they’re so specific, long tail keywords are searched much less often–anywhere from a dozen to a couple hundred times a month. Still, they’re enormously important for three reasons:

  1. Less competition. It’s clear that “downtown columbus ohio luxury apartments” returns far fewer results than “columbus ohio apartments.” That means there are fewer sites out there actively pursuing that keyword, which gives you a better chance of reaching the number one spot with minimal time and effort.

  2. More qualified leads. Anyone searching a long-tail keyword as specific as “owner’s guide to preparing your home for vacation rental” already knows what he or she is looking for. That means that visitors who end up on your site as a result of a long tail search will be much easier to close.
  3. Improves head term rankings. Since long tail keywords often contain many of the same words as your more competitive “head terms,” pursuing the long tail will likely improve your rankings for most of your other keywords.

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