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National Real Estate Statistics: 2015 Housing Market Update for September [Infographic]

By Matthew Bushery


Housing market 2015 real estate statistics SeptemberWhile the primary real estate statistics you should monitor each month pertain to your local housing market (mostly so you can stay up-to-date on housing conditions in your area and leverage that data in your real estate marketing), it’s also wise to stay current on the most recent national housing market trends.

Instead of spending a couple hours Googling “housing market trends 2015,” “U.S. real estate statistics,” and the like, however, just check out our infographic below, featuring the most relevant and important housing market statistics for September.

“Time is money” is a phrase agents and brokers live by, so instead of soaking up your valuable time, we prepared this information so you can stay up to speed on the state of the market and use these stats, trends, and news on your own real estate website.

So, check out the real estate statistics below and let us know where you think the market is headed in the comments below. Also, feel free to share this infographic and the others we produce each month with your audience to inform them and show them that you stay on top of the latest data.

(Note: Though these housing market statistics came out in September, the data itself is from the preceding months, as each reporting entity has different periods for which they gather, analyze, and release information.)

Housing market 2015 real estate statistics September home sales prices foreclosures mortgage rates applications

View additional housing market statistics from August 2015 from the previous month’s infographic as well as 50 real estate market statistics from the first half of 2015 featured on our Academy to see how the real estate housing market has performed this year.

Regarding the national housing market, 2015 has been an up and down year thus far. What housing market trends do you forecast for the final quarter of the year? Share your predictions regarding real estate sales statistics and other industry figures below.

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