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2015 Housing Market Trends: A Roundup of the Year’s Real Estate Statistics [Infographic]

By Matthew Bushery


2015 housing market trends real estate statistics infographic PlacesterWhen it comes to the housing market, 2015 saw a modest return to health for many aspects of the national real estate sector — a promising sign for many agents and brokers across the country as we head into 2016.

More and more foreclosures were completed, while the number of new filings (thankfully) eased. Sales of new and existing homes continued their slow-but-steady pace upward. Even mortgage rates remained near the historic lows at which they’ve now been for a few years. All of this adds up to a bright 2016 housing market forecast.

But before you begin your listing presentations and open houses come January 1, it’s important to closely analyze all of the biggest real estate statistics and housing market trends this year to get the full grasp of how the sector has performed and what’s likely ahead. In other words, gain insights that can help you formulate your real estate marketing plan: from your landing pages and blog posts to your social media messages and drip email campaigns.

Our end-of-year real estate market trends infographic below reveals in-depth data from the likes of the National Association of REALTORS®, CoreLogic, RealtyTrac, and other esteemed industry organizations, as well as housing market predictions from experts, analysts, and economists from around the nation.

And remember, agents: You can share your newfound industry knowledge by publishing this infographic across your real estate marketing channels and posting the eye-opening stats featured in it on your Twitter account via the tweetable images below!

2015 housing market trends real estate statistics infographic Placester

On top of viewing these figures, check out dozens of 2015 digital marketing statistics to learn which online activities and outlets you should incorporate in your real estate marketing strategy in the months ahead.

For the U.S. housing market, 2015 was a mostly positive year … but what about 2016? How do you think the national real estate sector will perform during the year? Share your real estate market forecast and general thoughts with us in the comments below!

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