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Developing a Dynamic Real Estate Marketing Plan: A Guide from Coldwell Banker’s Sean Carpenter

By Elizabeth Christensen


developing-real-estate-marketing-plan-sean-carpenter-FIWhen it comes to successfully generating and nurturing leads, it’s essential to have clear guidelines for how you’re going to attract prospects and guide them to conversion. We spoke with Sean Carpenter of Coldwell Banker, and he shared his philosophy for building your real estate marketing strategy.

Read on to see what Sean has to say about developing genuine client relationships, creating excellent content to connect with people, and more. Also, watch the exclusive webinar with Sean Carpenter below!

Prioritize Authenticity Across Client Interactions

Carpenter shared the idea that potential buyers and sellers are all around, and maybe where you least expect them to be, like at a local hockey game or at the grocery store. It’s the job of an agent to be aware of this and cultivate relationships with people in the community to not only generate business, but also to be a valuable source of information to them.

Authenticity is vital not only for lead generation, but also for developing and sustaining relationships with your clients. No one wants to do business with someone they don’t trust or find it difficult to relate to. Carpenter said it’s important to approach people as more than just a sales opportunity. Be friendly to your neighbors and say hello to people when you buy coffee in the morning. Genuine interactions will do a lot to gain people’s trust and keep you top of mind when they need a real estate agent.

The ideal way to connect with prospects and give them a sense of who you are is in person. But let’s say you live in a large city or a rural community and it’s trickier to have a face-to-face meeting. This is when social media is an excellent tool for you to leverage to reach your audience.

Here are some ways you can connect with people virtually:

  • Neighborhood tour: Narrate a video of a popular neighborhood in your area telling people your favorite parts about it
  • Local interviews: Film a series of short conversations with local business owners so your followers have an idea of the community

Remember to keep the videos brief so your audience remains engaged, and share the things that make your area unique. You want to inspire an emotional reaction in your viewers.

Create Buyer/Seller Specific Content

“There’s a difference between what you want to say, and what they’re interested in,” Carpenter said. When it comes to creating relevant content, consider what your audience will find useful and interesting. There are a few things to consider when sharing content:

  • Placement in the Funnel

Depending on where a lead is in the sales funnel, they’ll have different information needs. A prospect at the top of the funnel will likely want to know more about the community you work in, and someone who’s about to buy will require information about purchasing decisions.

  • How They Consume

Considering 79% of smartphone users have their phone on them for all but two hours of their day, any content you provide must be mobile-friendly. You may want to include more infographics and enticing visuals rather than only relying on large blocks of text.

  • Niche Buyers and Sellers

Maybe you specialize in selling townhouses in urban areas, or perhaps you work primarily with the recently retired demographic. Whatever your focus, make sure your content is tailored specifically for those you want to reach. That could mean posting a video of a popular neighborhood downtown, or reports on the home values of a particular retirement community.

  • Analytics

It’s important to consider how much feedback you get on the content you share with your prospects. If only a few leads are being generated from your efforts, you should use Google Analytics to see the details of what visitors to your site are looking at when they’re there and how long they stay. This data can be anything from

  1. What gets clicked on the most
  2. Where your best site visitors are located
  3. What your best and worst pages are
  4. How long someone stays on your site

Keep Client Interests Top of Mind

Prospects look to a real estate agent to be a resource about specific properties and the neighborhood. They will want financial information and statistics on buying and selling trends in the area, possibly nearby schools.

Supply information that your leads want to consume like

  • Buyer/seller guides
  • Listing reports
  • Budget guides

“The key to success in marketing and sales is turning strangers into friends, friends into customers, and turning those customers into sales people.” Carpenter explained how the praise of past happy clients sharing their experience with their family and friends does more for your real estate business than an online review. Leverage testimonials on your site to showcase positive client feedback.

If you’ve scoured your analytics reports and are still unsure how to provide the best lead-specific content, create buyer personas.

Build Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are ideal if you’re having trouble figuring out your selling niche as they force you to look at your past successes and discover their similarities. The best way to do this is to remember questions asked — both from yourself and your clients such as:

  • Budget
  • Type of home they wanted to purchase
  • Previous buying experience
  • Desired amenities
  • Neighborhood preference

Knowing the characteristics your previous and current leads and clients share will help you segment them into focused groups, and from there you have a better sense of your target audience. Carpenter explained, “When we make our databases truly detailed and thorough, we have so many more ways to build a better relationship.”

See what else Carpenter had to say during our exclusive 2017 real estate marketing strategy webinar by watching the entire discussion here!:

Coldwell Banker Sean Carpenter Placester webinar

What do you think of Carpenter’s real estate marketing insights? Share your thoughts with us below on how you build your digital strategy!

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