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How to Improve Your Real Estate Website Lead Capture [Ebook]

By Matthew Bushery


Placester real estate leads ebookAttracting prospective real estate leads to your IDX website is just the first step in lead generation. Next, you must turn those site visitors into legitimate, high-quality, workable leads you can start nurturing ASAP.

This starts with keeping the right audience visiting your site frequently by optimizing your real estate website for search engines and publishing a ton of interesting and informative content on a regularly basis.  But if you don’t set your site up for lead generation success — like adding customized lead capture forms on each and every page and enticing visitors to hand over their contact info — your real estate marketing efforts will be all for naught.

Thankfully, our real estate ebook features 10 simple-to-executive marketing activities that can transform your online audience into authentic leads you can add to your CRM and nurture accordingly with your email campaigns.

Click below to download your free copy of our explanatory lead gen ebook for agents, and continue reading to get additional lead capture tips and tricks that can make your marketing a cinch.

Placester real estate leads ebook

Lead Capture Tip #1: Determine the specific audience you want visiting your IDX website.

It’ll be rather difficult to generate high-quality real estate leads from your IDX website if you don’t know who you’re marketing to. The solution? Develop buyer personas for each type of home buyer and/or seller you tend to work with — including an understanding of what drives their demographics and what drives their decision-making — so you can create content that strikes a chord with them.

Lead Capture Tip #2: Develop several unique calls to action for your lead capture forms.

Give your visitors plenty of chances to supply you with their contact details so they can become official leads. Provide them with buying and selling guides, conduct giveaways and contests (e.g. best score on a home buying quiz wins a Starbucks gift card), and even offer them the opportunity to Skype about their housing needs, so long as they provide their contact information in exchange for these free resources.

Lead Capture Tip #3: Incentivize your site visitors to stick around and keep coming back.

An effective real estate content marketing plan not only helps you “win” Google’s Game of SEO, but also ensures those who clicked your articles after they appeared in search engines, ads, and social media keep returning to your site — ideally because they found it to be so helpful the first time they landed there. This means you need to keep publishing and promoting blog posts resources routinely (perhaps a few new posts weekly and one new long-form resource monthly), so users have a reason to come back and you get the opportunity to prioritize each prospect accordingly in your real estate CRM.

Lead Capture Tip #4: If your existing site doesn’t generate new leads, it’s time for a refresh.

If even new content doesn’t help you generate more leads, then it’s time to figure out how you can better present existing pages and content to your audience to keep them on your site and in a way that makes it easy for them to provide their information. This could mean changing the theme or navigation, updating your lead capture forms, or creating more targeted content for your audience.

Get your free copy of the ebook below, and use the advice shared to start generating more real estate website leads today!

Placester real estate leads ebook

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