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CRM Software: 12 Perfect Options for Real Estate Agents


By Matthew Bushery


CRM customer relationship management software real estate agents With the leads and contacts you obtain from your real estate marketing efforts, you need a reliable, reputable customer relationship management (CRM) system to store them. But these days, CRM systems are more than just databases to hold names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Modern CRM software systems afford agents many unique benefits:

    • They’re intuitive. It’s 2014, and the software you use should be quick, effective, and easily navigable. If it takes you more than 20 minutes to understand how to effectively use a CRM, it’s outdated.
    • They exist in the cloud. File-storing and file-sharing have become a cinch thanks to cloud computing. The best CRM solutions allow you to store files, like listing photos and sales documents, online and drop and grab them with ease.
    • They’re widely accessible. The latest and greatest CRM tools have apps for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other popular mobile devices, making it simple to work on the go.
    • They’re customizable. Professionals today don’t want a CRM solution that’s one-size-fits-all. They require software that can be altered to their specific marketing and sales needs. Many modern CRM systems offer just that.
    • They automate real estate marketing and sales tasks. No longer are the days of manually sending out emails and publishing other marketing collateral. The top CRM software offers professionals the chance to schedule their tasks ahead of time, and communicate with contacts automatically.
    • They allow for real-time tracking. Want to check the open rate for emails sent to leads? Curious which contacts filled out a form on your real estate website? You can identify this data using today’s CRM solutions.

There are numerous other conveniences CRM databases provide real estate agents. Each solution is a bit different than the next, so assess your own CRM needs and compare them to what the market has to offer.

To get a glimpse of the best options for agents, we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the best real estate CRM software systems available. (Remember: There are lots of options on the market that aren’t real estatespecific, so do your due diligence, ask around for recommendations, and determine which works best for your real estate marketing and sales needs.)


In this article we discuss:


12 Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions


What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Agents can use Leads to organize and score home buyer and seller leads, make notes and reminders for those prospects in their lead profiles, and set up drip email marketing campaigns to nurture them.
  • Meanwhile, brokers can use Leads to assign specific leads to specific agents, integrate leads from other real estate portals and lead management solutions, and view lead reports regarding where new prospects come from.

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “I’ve signed up for the CRM package and I’m also using the auto-drip email campaign system which helps me keep in touch with my clients on a regular basis. Placester’s back end really helps people like me organize my clients … and remain in communication with them when I’m not on the phone with them. It’s a wonderful tool.” (via Windermere Real Estate Leaskou Partners Realtor John R. White)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • Various real estate marketing plans featuring Leads are offered for agents and brokers. Contact Placester to learn more about pricing.



What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Syncs with iOS devices, Android, Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce
  • Dashboard shows daily reminders, actions, notifications, and various contact info
  • Offers email templates and ScaleMail tool for lead follow-up
  • In-browser tool allows for content curation and sharing with contacts
  • Content Libraries offers relationship-building tools like custom email templates

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “Have used MANY CRM’s over the years and this is one of the easiest to set up and consistently use. I have used Contactually since soon after it launched. I have found it to be one of the most user-friendly systems I’ve used in over a decade. It is very ‘plug and play’ with a low barrier to hitting the ground running. The buckets are a terrific way of effectively segmenting your database and tags are a great method to further group by project.” (via BestVendor)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • Basic: $29 per seat per month (annual plan); $35 per seat per month (monthly plan)
  • Professional: $49 per seat per month (annual plan); $59 per seat per month (monthly plan)
  • Enterprise: $99 per seat per month (annual plan); $125 per seat per month (monthly plan)


Follow Up Boss

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Syncs with iOS devices, Android, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Automatically imports leads from other online sources, including IDX real estate websites
  • MailChimp email drip campaigns start and stop automatically based on preferences
  • Ability to track other online marketing efforts, including social media
  • Smart lists allow separate hot leads from cold ones

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “If you’re spending a good portion of your marketing budget on online lead generation, but don’t have a good way to track what’s working, Follow Up Boss could be a great solution for you. Because Follow Up Boss shows you at a glance which lead sources are performing, as well as how your agents are performing by lead source, it’s an intuitive way to manage and refine your marketing spend to make it more effective.” (via eight11)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $103/month for up to 3 agents
  • $159/month for up to 5 agents
  • $239/month for up to 10 agents
  • $399/month for up to 25 agents



What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Syncs with iOS devices, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle HD, Android, and MailChimp
  • Project management tool helps with email campaigns, reminders, and other tasks
  • Social CRM identifies leads’ social media accounts after email address is integrated
  • Offers end-user training to provide tips and tricks to users
  • Easy file-adding and file-sharing capabilities

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “Insightly is appropriately named. It not only gives you a CRM platform, but it also provides detailed insight into contacts, customers, companies and your business processes. Aside from occasional slow performance, Insightly is an excellent CRM platform for smaller businesses and a 4.5 out 5 star Editors’ Choice for CRM.” (via PCMag)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • Free for up to 3 users for Gratis plan (allows up to 2,500 contacts to be stored)
  • $7/month per user for unlimited users for Standard plan (allows up to 100,000 contacts to be stored)
  • Undisclosed price for Enterprise plan (allows unlimited number of contacts to be stored)


IXACT Contact

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Ability to view all contacts at-a-glance on the dashboard
  • Automated email campaign and tracking capabilities
  • Offers listing and closing activity plan feature for client-related tasks
  • Business directory tool allows agents to keep in touch with vendors and other professionals
  • Automatic lead capture syncs leads from other sources into IXACT database

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “This service can be really basic or you can drill down and personalize your contacts through the groups you create. I think this is very easy to use and they have videos to support all aspects of the site. I think it is perfect for people who are not super techno savvy.” (via ActiveRain)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $34.95/month or $377.46/year


PlanPlus Online

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Proprietary email drip and marketing campaign capabilities
  • ‘Weekly Planning’ and ‘Quick Priorities Wizard’ tools for task creation and tracking
  • Lead boomerang and contact management features for segmenting
  • Support and tutorial videos that explain certain CRM concepts
  • Free email support

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “I was using spreadsheets and Outlook to track all of my real estate deals. The PlanPlus team was able to help me get a central location to track all of my contacts and opportunities and get much more organized. I also have a central file repository for all of my contracts. I definitely will recommend using this tool to other real estate agents!” (via Software Advice)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $35/month or $349/year for 14 users
  • Starting at $199/month for 5 users



What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Ability to create custom dashboards and reports and set up automatic contact notifications
  • Integrate inbound leads, including from your real estate website to your contact database
  • Syncs with other business software, including HubSpot, MailChimp, and Dropbox
  • Important documents, photos, and other files can be uploaded and shared with ease
  • Offers several add-ons to aid financial, communication, collaboration, and administration tasks

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “Since it’s built on the system all of the same features and plugins/apps are available but they have customized it to be real estate specific and they have done this very well at reasonable prices. Not only can you manage your leads with their system but integrations with social media and the customization to handle any lead sources you may have to your brokerage are significant additions. Add on the ability to manage transactions and even go completely paperless with docusign integrations and more. This CRM really is a top solution.” (via REAL Trends)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $59/month per user (minimum 4 users) for Company Edition
  • $89/month per user (minimum 10 users) for Enterprise Edition



What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • More simplified, bare bones CRM option compared to other popular products
  • Workflow Program can create simple or complex workflows for agents and brokers
  • Ability to attach documents and files to specific contacts
  • Integrates easily with major social media accounts and Evernote
  • Can monitor social media posts, contacts, properties, calendar, and activities from dashboard

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “In much the same way you interact with a client in person, Realvolve enables you to capture the essence of your relationship with a client. It’s as much about hard facts as it is personal details, with a large dose of enabling you to do exactly what you say you’ll do.” (via eight11)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $37/month per user (1-3 users) for Standard plan
  • $67/month per user (up to 5 users) for Professional plan
  • $97/month per user (up to 10 users) for Team plan
  • Undisclosed cost for Enterprise plan (unlimited users)



What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Syncs with iOS devices, Android, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Ability to score leads with five real estate calculators
  • Can import leads from other service providers, including RealtyTrac
  • Offers email marketing and print mail/collateral services
  • Tools allow for easy tracking of leads, clients, open houses, promotions, and more

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “I have been slow to learn RealtyJuggler but the more I transition over to it the more I am impressed by them. They have a great tutorial system, Their tech support is always helpful & knowledgeable, AND it does so much you can pretty much run an entire company off of it. As a bonus, they are often making improvements based on feedback from their clients.” (via ActiveRain)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $99/year


Referral Maker

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Daily and weekly goal monitoring, to-do lists, and more featured on dashboard
  • Ability to grade leads to track which contacts to focus on
  • Priority Action Center feature provides daily call list for most applicable leads
  • Easy-to-monitor sales and lead generation data charts
  • Integrates with Facebook and allows for social media buttons in email campaigns

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “Since I’m new to the industry, I find that Referral Maker keeps me accountable and is my reminder to stay in touch with the people in my database” (via Referral Maker’s testimonials page)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $49/month


REthink Real Estate CRM

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Matching feature makes it easy to show buyers homes that interest them
  • Reporting tool allows for lead trend and sales analyses
  • Allows for listings emails, home offers to be imported, and the ability to schedule showings
  • Simple MLS integration and search feature
  • Agents can automate tasks related to listing, marketing, prospecting, and closing

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “REthink has a nice ‘comp’ feature where it shows other properties nearby when you are looking at a particular property but all the data comes from your own database. So, if you do not have much it will not show much. So… powerful idea but depends on you to give it power.” (via The Broker List)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $29/month per user for Lite plan
  • $49/month per user for Basic plan
  • $79/month per user for Premium plan


Top Producer

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Syncs with other lead providers, including Zillow, Trulia, Boomtown, and
  • Works with iOS devices, Android, and Windows Mobile and offers Note Stream note-taking tool on mobile devices
  • Ability to instantly qualify leads and get coaching for lead management
  • Integrates with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Social Media feature allows for easy monitoring of leads’ Facebook and Twitter activity

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “I researched several CRMs last year … and decided to go go back to Top Producer as it had features that I wanted (e.g., my business at a glance, ability to set reminders for tasks, easy Google syncing). Most recently they added the e-mail history feature that lets me easily track e-mails that I sent to e-mail addresses that I added to my contacts. It really helps keeping track of communication.” (via ActiveRain)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

  • $39.95/month


Wise Agent

What It Offers Real Estate Pros

  • Time Management Toolbox helps agents keep productivity high
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from for email drip campaigns
  • Unlimited document storage offered
  • Can easily create print marketing collateral, like letters, newsletters, and postcards
  • Integrates with Zillow, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Evernote, and other major services

What Users/Experts Have to Say

  • “Very Flexible with easy to use interface. Great customer service (They actually answer the phone.) There is a discount for AR members. Integration with MailChimp and Constant Contact. The price is very reasonable. You can define and create your own groups for mailing list and such.” (via ActiveRain)

How Much this CRM Tool Costs

    • $24.95/month

(UPDATE FOR 2016-17: One new option to consider for your real estate CRM needs has been added — and it’s one we think you’ll find useful.)

Learn the benefits of all-in-one real estate CRM software in our exclusive Placester webinar.




14 Contact Management Solutions

Real estate contact management software

Purchasing fully functional real estate customer relationship management software (CRM) allows you to automate numerous real estate marketing and sales tasks with ease. Storing lead information, automating communications, and, in turn, identifying qualified real estate leads can all be accomplished with a comprehensive real estate CRM. But for agents with more modest needs, or those just starting out in the industry, real estate contact management software can perform the basic tasks of keeping you organized.

A real estate contact management solution that helps you add new names to your address book, organize them into segments, clean up your email marketing lists, and makes it easy to add notes is crucial to moving qualified leads through the sales funnel. Here are 15 of the top real estate contact management systems that make it simple to assemble and categorize your real estate leads database — some that are simple mobile apps that make it easy to secure contacts’ information, others that provide robust real estate lead management capabilities (or are even technically considered full CRM software).

Meeting prospective clients, hosting open houses, showing listings, and attending industry conferences are just some of the reasons agents spend a great deal of time traveling. It’s inevitable you’ll meet new contacts during your time out and about, so having an app like can be a lifesaver for quickly securing contacts’ personal details.

Download the app and you can auto-sync people’s social media accounts, business information (company and job title), birthdays, and other tidbits into a contact card called a ME Card. For instance, if you have listing photos you want to share with a new lead, you can do so in seconds via Tasks like this can be accomplished via the tool’s Widgets function, which makes communicating with contacts as simple as a tap of the phone.

More Info on



FullContact real estate contact management software

Storing all of your real estate contacts in your email account is great, but have you ever wondered if you have duplicate contacts thanks to multiple email addresses? Instead of sorting through each contact manually to figure out who’s who and what can be deleted, try using real estate lead management software like FullContact.

Connect your address books (and even your social media accounts) to the platform and FullContact does the rest: identifying dated or duplicate contact addresses, deleting them, and updating the main contact profiles with the right information. The bonus to importing your social media connections is that FullContact will find photos via Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts to attach to real estate leads in your database, saving you the trouble of tracking down headshots to store with your contacts.

More Info on FullContact:


Contact Manager

Think of Zoho’s Contact Manager as CRM-lite — it has many of the same features the best real estate CRM software solutions offer, like the ability to set up email marketing campaigns and track deals or lead activity. This particular platform, though, has a more straightforward interface that makes it an ideal choice for real estate agents who want an introductory lesson to lead management software.

The platform’s scheduling features ensure you stay on top of ongoing and prospective deals, while its tagging system makes it easy to move around contacts and tasks into different categories. Contact Manager also allows for social media messaging with contacts and clients, as it integrates with Facebook and Twitter — the perfect way to nurture leads who need a lighter touch than those you email and call.

More Info on Contact Manager:



Email and mobile reminders that tell you when to catch up with inactive real estate leads can save you from losing out on business. The amount of time wasted manually setting these reminders can be a hassle, though. With Cloze, agents don’t have to worry about forgetting to reach out to certain contacts at certain time intervals.

The platform knows when you need to email or call prospective clients, thanks to its special algorithm which tracks lengths of time in between lead outreach based on lead designation. In other words, Cloze knows who you regularly speak with (and should be speaking with) and uses a score to rank your contacts based on their importance to you. All of your contacts’ online information, including email address and social media accounts and activity, are displayed in the Cloze dashboard, and every documented interaction you’ve had with those contacts via email, phone, and social media is merged into the app.

More Info on Cloze:



Streak real estate contact management software

As with a CRM for real estate, many agents prefer to share contact management with agency colleagues. With Streak, a Google Chrome extension that integrates and grades contacts via Gmail, you can view business won and quality leads that need to be nurtured. Moreover, Streak makes it easy to see when and where your real estate leads and clients open email you send their way, which can give you a clear idea of who’s closer to buying or hiring and, thus, worth spending your time prospecting.

More Info on Streak:



A common theme among these real estate contact management solutions is seamless integration of contacts from multiple email clients and social media channels. With Brewster, though, it’s all about accuracy. The software’s founder, Steve Greenwood, boasts the platform’s algorithm correctly merges multiple contacts for the same person 98 percent of the time.

For those times when contacts can’t fully integrate, the service lets you know when there are holes (contact details) that need filling, making it easier to finalize lead and client profiles. Along with the ability to sync with (increasingly) popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat — along with the usual suspects in social media — Brewster has set itself apart from the competition.

More Info on Brewster:


Act! Cloud

Act Cloud real estate contact management software

If you’re like many other agents, you don’t store all of your contacts in email or even your real estate CRM. Countless agents keep contacts organized in Excel or Google spreadsheets. If that’s the case, Act! Cloud can help you migrate those connections into its platform, supply you with a complete view of your leads and clients, and make it easy to develop (or further) relationships with them with its task system. The platform alerts you to who you should call or email next, helps you develop emails to send leads (thanks to the various email templates it offers), and scores each lead accordingly.

Consistently moving real estate leads down the sales funnel is the primary function Act! wants its users to get out of its service, and its features certainly can help you achieve that goal.

More Info on Act! Cloud:



Geared at social butterflies more than professionals constantly on the go, Contacts+ still offers an array of features real estate agents would find useful — especially those who spend their time constantly heading back and forth from the office, home, and meetings with clients and leads. It includes an easy-to-use interface, connections to all of the main social channels, and the ability to quickly store information and message contacts.

No muss, no fuss, and a simple, beautiful layout — that’s what you get when downloading Contacts+. It may not have as many features as other systems listed, but it has the basic elements of contact management software nailed.

More Info on Contacts+:



By recognizing contacts’ personal details listed in their email signatures, Evercontact saves that information and syncs it with existing data on those contacts. Everyone from new contacts entered into your Gmail account to ones from several years ago, the solution tracks down all pertinent details for your contacts and puts them into a single profile. The company also offers a Chrome extension that helps you grab contact details from just about any webpage, saving you the hassle of tracking down those details and adding in email contacts manually.

Integration with top real estate CRM software like Salesforce and Highrise and business management software like ConnectWise means Evercontact is an ideal solution for brokerages who succeed when they can nurture contacts as a team. Evercontact even offers services aimed specifically at the real estate crowd, as it collects lead information from those who check out your listings on various real estate portals and who contact you via email.

More Info on Evercontact:



Scrubly has a narrow, niche contact management feature, but one that’s essential for agents and brokers who have hundreds (or even thousands) of contacts that need some attention. The platform’s focus is to repair all errors, large and small, associated with the contacts in your address book and email contacts folders. Everything from eradicating duplicate connections on your computer and in your email accounts to fixing formatting issues with contacts’ phone numbers and other personal details, Scrubly ensures your contact profiles look spick and span.

One of the notable features of Scrubly is, if at any point during your contact cleanup you decide you want to revert a contact’s status to its old format, you can easily modify it to its previous state. And with all of your work stored in the cloud, Scrubly safeguards the entire real estate contact management process. In other words, there’s no need to worry about losing contact details.

More Info on Scrubly:



BusyContacts real estate contact management software

Built specifically for users of iOS devices (sorry, Android crowd), BusyContacts syncs with calendars on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as your social media presence. The structure allows you to see every digital location where you store real estate leads’ and clients’ information or are connected with them. View contacts in simple single- or multi-column lists, create tags to assign different contact types, keep tabs on future and past events for each contact, and perform a variety of other contact organization activities on the unembellished but streamlined interface.

More Info on BusyContacts:



Learning the innumerable iPhone tips and tricks that can make using the device easier can be time-consuming. The contact management app Connect, however, understands this concern among iPhone enthusiasts — particularly professionals who need to easily organize their contacts. Simple swipes to the right and left in Connect allow you to make calls, begin emails, and add and remove connections, among other things. The solution prevents headaches from the menial tasks you undertake daily, but the app is still comprehensive enough that you can store all of the important tidbits about your contacts and classify them by group (family, friends, colleagues, leads, clients, etc.) accordingly.

More Info on Connect:



Highrise real estate contact management software

Teamwork (often) makes the dream work, but for agents working in tandem on lead generation and nurturing, having the right software is vital for team success. Enter solutions like Highrise, a premier tool for tracking conversations with contacts, setting up real estate lead tasks, and creating reminders for lead generation and nurturing activities. Share address books, emails, documents, and other pertinent information related to your contacts with other agents using Highrise’s convenient features.

If you use email marketing automation software MailChimp, you’re also in luck. Highrise syncs with the solution, meaning you can implement a contact card one minute and add that contact to your email campaign the next, ensuring they don’t get lost in the midst of your multitude of contacts.

More Info on Highrise:



Nimble Smart Contacts App Overview from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.

Referring to itself more as a “contact insight” solution than one strictly for contact management purposes, Nimble is a pseudo real estate CRM software that’s gained recognition by the real estate community. The service integrates with other popular software (like Evernote, Constant Contact, and Hootsuite), allows for contact report creation, provides social selling signals (so you know when contact outreach is needed for certain connections), and monitors every facet of your history with contacts.

Tracking communications with contacts and mentions by them in social media can all be found in your Nimble dashboard as well. The dashboard even features something called a Today Page: your daily to-do list that features engagement opportunities and important tasks to take care of, meaning you can forget about … well … forgetting to conduct essential real estate contact management activities.

More Info on Nimble:

Know another great real estate contact management tool? Think you use the best CRM for real estate? Share your favorite lead management tools below!

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