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Nurturing Real Estate Leads to Close: The Must-Use Management Guide for Agents [Ebook]

By Elizabeth Christensen


real estate CRM software lead nurturing ebookNurturing your prospects isn’t just about sending out a few emails, making a phone call or two, and then settling for the results from those efforts. It’s about having an effective system in place — a real estate customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps you systematically and consistently stay in touch with your best leads to move them down the sales funnel and closer to conversion.

Using an intuitive CRM effectively makes all the difference in your lead management efforts. From automating time-consuming tasks to setting drip email marketing campaigns so you can nurture your list of top-notch prospects, a CRM exists to make your professional life easier by streamlining communication with your leads and organizing the bulk of your contacts into manageable groups.  

The problem many real estate agents encounter — whether they’re new to the “game” or experienced professionals — is the most effective way to categorize their leads and how to go about nurturing them in a way that’s efficient yet personalized.

To learn more about how a real estate CRM simplifies your professional life and how you can use it to nurture your existing leads, download our exclusive ebook on CRMs and how it helps your online marketing. Check out the rest of this article as well for some bonus lead management advice for your real estate business.

real estate CRM software lead nurturing ebook

Understand how a modern, real estate CRM can both simplify your business tasks and enhance your bottom line.

If you’re not presently using a CRM for real estate, you might be suffering from a lack of organization with your contact list and a less-than-perfect memory where nurture emails are concerned. Or, you might not have the best idea how to manage a list of contacts — whether it’s minimal or extensive — to encourage them to move further down your sales funnel and that much closer to conversion.

Either way, know that powerful real estate technology tools that come with a bevy of lead management features and functionality will help improve your nurturing processes in a variety of ways.

First of all, these systems offer automation capabilities for tasks like sending emails out to your leads. You can choose to enable autoresponders to engage with prospects who provide their contact information or who reach out for more information. This lets the prospect know you’re both prompt and organized in reaching out to your contacts, and that you care about each lead.

Automation is an excellent tool to have in your real estate content marketing arsenal because it encourages you to prioritize providing great information and content to your leads without needing to stay glued to your office chair to do so.

CRMs are designed to be intuitive so your time isn’t wasted getting acclimated to a new system, and you’re able to focus instead on the quality of the leads coming to your site and how you can best provide them valuable information. But still, make sure you spend some time learning how your system works so you can decide how it best works to fit the needs of your business.

If you’re curious about how your real estate leads are interacting with your site pages, modern CRMs offer real-time activity tracking as well, so you’re able to see details like which properties people viewed or which pages they visit on your site.

This information not only reveals which of your listings are popular, but also how your leads interact with your site, the types of content they’re most interested in, and how to use this data to transition into a conversation about representation.

Consider your current methods for lead nurturing so you can improve those strategies and better engage with prospects.

Do you think of yourself as the type of agent who focuses all their energy on every viable prospect that comes your way and then you end up feeling spread too thin? Or do you take the shared characteristics of your prospects into account when you begin nurturing them?

Factors like your leads’ buying or selling timelines, budgets, and customer traits all play a role in how you develop and fine-tune your nurture strategy over time — and it’s vital to figure out which leads are worth your time and money before diving into certain nurture activities.

For instance, if you tend to spend 30 minutes weekly following up manually with brand new leads who fill out customized lead capture forms on your IDX website, you may be connecting with a decent crop of prospects who may very well end up as new business.

Having dynamic real estate CRM software at your fingertips can do a lot to improve how your prospects are organized and how you reach out to them.

But think about it: Is it really worth it to allocate this period each week (and the effort associated with it) just to say, “Hey, thanks for becoming a lead. I’ve got lots of great content, so sign up for my newsletter”? Or would you rather have an automated email that says exactly the same thing but eliminates the need to spend countless minutes reaching out to these folks? The answer is clear.

Having dynamic real estate CRM software at your fingertips can do a lot to improve how your prospects are organized and how you reach out to them as well — both of which will ultimately save you time so you’re able to focus on other daily business tasks, many of which must be handled quickly and with care as well.

There’s a lot to be said for having all of your leads’ contact information in one place and the ability to set certain targeted groups of prospects up to receive email drips, all without having to manually organize or send these details.

Send leads a series of drip marketing emails that entice and educate them and encourage them to keep you top of mind.

We’ve all received promotional emails that went unopened and essentially gathered dust in our inboxes. The beauty of a solid drip email campaign that’s tailored to a specific group or individual lead is: 

1) The information within the email — like a downloadable how-to guide, links to featured listings, a digest of blog posts, etc. — is something your prospect actually wants to read and will learn something about you and your real estate business from.

2) You can decide on the frequency of the nurture you want to provide for your leads.

For example, if you have a handful of prospects who checked out a few pieces of content on your site but have been slow to respond to further emails, you wouldn’t want to barrage those people with further communication. On the other hand, you may have a select group of prospects who consistently interact with your content and have gone so far as to request a consultation from you. You’d want to set those people on different reach-out schedules than the former group.

Choose a CRM that offers both a desktop and mobile version so you can see your leads’ info at all times.

Your real estate business — and all of the tasks that go along with it — doesn’t just operate in the office anymore. Especially as a real estate professional, you’re likely juggling showings, open houses, and various other tasks in and around your community, and need a mobile version of your real estate CRM that keeps up.

Taking all of that into account, it’s important to ensure that your mobile CRM includes essential features like seamless desktop-to-mobile organization of your contacts, task reminders, and sign-up notifications. You’ll probably want the ability to track your leads’ activity on your site from your phone, as well as text a prospect from your mobile CRM for consistent and quick communication.

Having a comprehensive CRM that gives you the functionality to successfully complete all of your lead nurturing tasks whenever and wherever is the first step in creating and implementing a successful plan to reach your target audience. Beyond that, it’s all about consistently providing great content and assistance to your ideal leads to put them on the path to converting into clients.

Download a copy of our free guide, “Simplify Lead Management and Nurturing with a Dynamic Real Estate CRM,” today!

What do you think is the most useful aspect of a real estate CRM? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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