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Placester Insights: Asheville Realty & Associates’ Rick Lamb on Leveraging Real Estate Videos

By Matthew Bushery

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Rick Lamb Asheville Realty & Associates PlacesterThe most effective real estate video marketing not only communicates your agency’s value proposition and its role within your housing market, but it also shows off your agents’ industry expertise, positions them as knowledgeable professionals, and — most importantly — generates legitimate, workable home buyer and seller leads.

In North Carolina, Asheville Realty & Associates Owner Rick Lamb leverages his Placester real estate website to host a number of his brokerage’s listing, community, and explainer videos — ones that have ultimately helped his firm achieve the aforementioned goals, particularly its lead generation efforts.

Check out several real estate video marketing insights Lamb shared during our recent webinar with him, during which he discussed his approach to crafting stellar videos, how to make the most of them (hint: promotion!), and the tangible results his agency’s well-produced recordings have provided for his business.

Catch our entire webinar conversation with Lamb on leveraging videos for his real estate marketing strategy by clicking below:

Rick Lamb Asheville Realty & Associates Placester

How Changing His Real Estate Website Increased Lead Gen

“We got virtually no leads from the old site. It was antiquated. It looked bad. Actually, I think it probably hindered us in terms of gaining clients. We think it was that bad. … But, [Placester] is a product that what you put into it you get out of it. … We’ve gotten tremendous feedback from those in our community about how good our site looks now.”

On Using Video as a Real Estate Lead Generation Tool …

“One of the things we started to look at [when we got Placester] was video. We did a lot of research about what draws visitors to your site. We learned adding video to your site helps with organic Google search. The more videos, the more original content you have on your site, Google’s crawler will pick that information up and, eventually, that content will show up more often in organic search. … That’s where you want to be [as a brokerage], so that’s one of the things we looked at for adding videos to our site … and do that by market segment and community. So basically, we developed an informative video for Biltmore Park talking about the location, talking about the market, and the reasons somebody would want to purchase a home in the marketplace.”

On the Importance of Sharing Vital Local Market Info

“If you’re looking at moving here, we want a real estate website where people can go, run down our website listings, and really get a good idea of the areas in and around Asheville. Go in and look at our community pages, read about them, and, hopefully, we’ve done a good job to define the area, how close it is to downtown, and the amenities that are in each area and the communities that are within each area. … We’ve tried to give a lot of information to anyone who visits our website because, if your site’s informational, it will draw people back to your site and it’s a good source for people to keep coming back to, so eventually, it will lead to a sale.”

On How His Firm’s Videos Help His Agents’ Marketing

“When our agents list a home, we now complete a listing video for them, so it’ll display seven to 12 photos of the home, the key points. It’ll even have some music in the background. The videos are probably a minute to a minute and a half long. You don’t want to get the video too long. You want it to come across very concisely. We have noticed the houses we have set up a video for are selling more.”

To bolster the promotion of these videos, Lamb noted his team sends mailers and flyers to leads with the link to his videos featured on them and shares the videos on more than just his website — most notably, YouTube — with a link that drives viewers right back to his site to the page for the listing. The Biltmore Park video has been so successful, Lamb noted, that he and his brokerage are considering using it as a TV commercial and possibly even for a movie theater promotion.

On His Detailed Real Estate Video Creation Process

“It starts with the marketing plan, which is the listing video showing the homes. That’s driven by the brokers in the office showing a property. … That was our first foray into making videos. We figured if we were going to spend money and make mistakes, we might as well try the video we thought could do best. … We’re focused on multi-tier marketing, and videos are a big part of it.”

Lamb stated his company tried a few different video production services to see what they bring to the table, then settled on the one they thought could best help his team create an informational clip they could use on his site.

On How He Incorporates Videos on His Placester Site

“One of the things we have recently done is, with some new features Placester has been adding to its websites, we just added a tab atop our website called ‘Luxury Homes,’ which has IDX capability, and we’ve selected $500,000 homes and up [to feature on the new page], so it immediately pulls those up and someone can enter a ZIP code and select an area. We’re going to create a video [for the page] about buying luxury homes or even promoting the luxury homes areas within our community. So again, the video gives us a level of professionalism, a level of credibility that other agencies in our area just do not have. People tend to think what they see on the video is the Gospel — they believe. It’s much more impactful for your site. … Video adds a whole other level of credibility to your site.”

On Making Site Adjustments — and the Results He’s Seen

“The lead capture rate has gone up about 75% by using the dropdown box where we have people registering [on our site]. We have it pop up on every page. Right now, our website produces anywhere from 2832% of our total leads for the company. In my mind, Placester has taken us in a totally new direction compared to where the company was before.”

On Developing an SEO Plan to Earn More Site Traffic

“We’ve been really focusing on how to improve our SEO through Google, Bing, and Yahoo. … We’re doing everything possible we can think of to drive people either to our website or to pick up the phone and call the agency. … We have found it’s not one thing you do. It’s multi-tier marketing that affects you and makes you successful. We feel like we’ve got a long way to go. But what we’re seeing, we’re being positive and it’s producing results for us. We think as we go forward and do more and more of this, it will enhance our leads, it will enhance [us] being pulled up in Google searches.”

On How to Begin a Multi-tier Real Estate Marketing Plan

“At first, everyone has a tendency to take on everything [for their marketing] and get it all done at once. I do a lot of research. I read, and I have a little bit of a technology background, so I was aware of some dos and don’ts for technology. But as we move forward with this, one, we knew … we needed a website that looked good — if you don’t have a website that looks good, you’re not going to have people to stay on it. The visual aspect of the website has to be kind of dynamic to keep people’s attention.

“And then two, you need for your site to be informative. That means you need to be able to have a lot of information on different areas of your community, neighborhoods, et cetera. We’ve spent a lot of time building those out. We supply all of our agents the personal website … so we have them build it out, and then agents promote their own websites and that helps us promote our main company website.

“So build the site out, make it look good, and put a lot of content in there, and the next step for us … was getting the proper content on the site, and that’s what led us to video. … If you take it one step at a time and do it well, the long-term effect is, one, you save yourself some dollars, and two, it becomes productive for you at the end.”

On How to Craft Award-Winning Real Estate Videos

The first thing in developing the videos that we have learned is keep it simple, keep a single focus on what you’re doing in the video. Your video is probably going to be anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Make it too long and people can get bored. You’ve got to do a lot in a little amount of time. … Trust me: A minute in a video is a long time. But you’ve got to get your message across, and people have a tendency to try to pack it full. Take one thing at a time, keep it simple, make sure the message is conveyed, and we have found the best thing we can do is to be sure your agency name, logo, and contact information is prevalent in several locations. There’s no point in doing the videos if people don’t know how to get in touch with you.”

Now, use this free real estate video promotion checklist featuring several of Lamb’s marketing methods mentioned during his webinar to amplify your real estate video marketing strategy.

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What do you think of Lamb’s video strategy? Have you tried creating various kinds of real estate videos for your online marketing efforts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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