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Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Housing Market Forecast, Twitter News, and More

By Matthew Bushery


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To stay ahead of the real estate marketing curve, you need to be aware of what’s happening inside (and outside) the industry. Why?

  • Knowing the latest Twitter news, changes, and updates can help your social media presence.
  • Understanding the most recent housing market forecasts and predictions can maximize your blogging efforts.
  • Learning about modern home buyer and seller preferences and trends can inform your lead outreach strategy.

In summary, set weekly reminders to read the latest online marketing trends and real estate industry news.

Or, if that’s not in the cards for you, at least be sure to check out our real estate marketing review each month!

In the October edition of our ongoing Academy series, you’ll discover the ideas, stats, and trends that can keep you “in the know.”

Continue your real estate marketing education — and further grow your online strategy — with these insights that we’ve gathered for you.

News Item #1: 80% of marketers are focused on growing email lists.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the most established and respected marketing resources on the web today, and their latest report, Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, is a must-read for every business professional.

The B2B study (which still translates just as well for B2C brands like yours) finds that today’s digital marketing pros continue to test new techniques to meet their business goals:

  • 80% of marketers surveyed indicated they are focused on growing their audiences through activities like email list-building.
  • 74% of respondents also noted their organizations value “creativity and craft in [their] content creation and production.”
  • 63% of marketers said their content marketing was “somewhat” or “much” more successful in 2017 than during 2016.

Creating niche site pages, data infographics, and the like may sound time-consuming. And sometimes, it is.

But for every page or post you neglect to produce for your website, that’s one less Google search listing you’ll generate.

As we’ve said before, the more pages you get to rank on page one, the greater your odds of long-term real estate SEO success are.

If you’re still dragging your feet on getting going with content marketing (and SEO), now is most definitely the time to start.

News Item #2: Housing market forecast shows optimism in the market.

One optimal piece of content you ought to create for your website is housing market stat roundups.

You can cover both data from your own, local market and from the national perspective to boost your website traffic.

The National Association of REALTORS®’ Housing Opportunities and Market Experience survey is one such study to cover.

  • The latest edition of the report shows two-thirds of households struggle to save for down payments, noting it’s “challenging.”
  • Two-thirds of renters state they think rents will rise in 2018. This could prevent many of them from saving for a home purchase.
  • A higher percentage of surveyed households (57%) believe the economy is improving compared to one year ago (54%).

Sharing statistics like these may not be the solution to improving your real estate website traffic and lead generation.

However, finding data points that show your market is improving for buyers and/or sellers or offering them buying and selling advice can.

Think of new and unique ways to present housing market forecast info like this REALTORS report on your agency website.

Find a way to feature industry stats and your agent advice with prospects, and you could see steady improvements in your metrics.

News Item #3: Millennial owners are waiting to buy “forever” homes.

Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report

The news isn’t entirely bad for the housing market. Forecasts among Millennials appear to show improving attitudes and outlooks.

Bank of America’s Homebuyer Insights Report for 2017 details how the majority of Millennial homeowners see their existing home as a “stepping stone” to their “forever” home.

  • 80% of Millennials surveyed say owning a home today will sufficiently aid their financial situations in the long term.
  • Roughly one-quarter of aspiring Millennial homeowners note they intend to buy relatively soon, despite fiscal barriers.
  • About half of first-time buyers relay they think they’ll need 20% down payments in order to buy their initial homes.

Younger generations continue to struggle with mounting debts, including student loans, the survey adds.

Teaching Millennials (and the to-be-named generation younger than Millennials) need all the financial advice they can get to convince them to buy a home.

So, why not become their go-to resource?

For starters, you can use your real estate website to share your comprehensive real estate expertise.

Offer tips and tricks on everything from ways to prepare for a home loan pre-approval to how to save a bit more money each month.

This is just one of literally a hundred-plus real estate marketing ideas you can put into play. But a tactic like this is low-hanging fruit that can earn you more business in the long run.

Monthly Placester Marketing Review

News Item #4: Twitter increases its tweet character limit to 280.

There are few social networks out there today as divisive as Twitter.

And yet, the social platform represents a valuable real estate marketing opportunity to grow your online presence and to drive more traffic to your website.

Twitter is currently rolling out a 280-character limit for tweets. This doubles the standard length of 140 characters per tweet, making it easier for brands to share their value to their audiences:

  • “Twitter is about brevity,” the social media channel noted in a blog post. “It’s what makes it such a great way to see what’s happening. Tweets get right to the point with the information or thoughts that matter. That is something we will never change.”

Some professionals — including agents — may still not think of Twitter as a viable social media marketing avenue.

The truth, though, is that Twitter offers industry pros such as yourself a phenomenal way to engage buyers and sellers.

In fact, we can think of eight easy ways you can make the most of Twitter for your real estate marketing today.

News Item #5: Vimeo enters the growing live-streaming space.

Vimeo Live

Twitter has already dipped its toe into the world of live-streaming video, with its acquisition of Periscope. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram have long-established live-stream presences.

Now it appears Vimeo, the video-hosting network, wants in on some of the action, announcing that it too will offer a live-streaming service.

Instead of building its live video solution from the ground up, Vimeo has instead opted to acquire Livestream.

Per the company’s blog post, Livestream shows upwards of 10 million live-streaming events annually:

  • “With the launch of Vimeo Live and the addition of Livestream’s impressive team and innovative product suite, we can empower a diverse range of creators to produce beautiful live experiences with professionalism and ease,” said Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud.

If you haven’t yet tried out a live-streaming app for your real estate video marketing, it may time to take one for a spin.

There are several ways you can use live-streaming to connect with your audience: neighborhood tours, listing walkthroughs, and advice offerings, for starters.

Brands are using live-streaming tools for a variety of other uses as well. Identify companies who use live streaming to their advantage to get ideas for your own agency’s marketing.

News Item #6: Amazon planning smart glasses to pair with Alexa.

As we wrote in a previous edition of our Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review, smart speakers have become commonplace in households nationwide.

According to the Financial Times, it seems Amazon’s Alexa voice service is about to become even smarter.

The e-commerce conglomerate reports it is working on glasses that users of its Alexa-friendly hardware (like the Echo) can wear and sync with their devices.

Comparisons have already been made to Google’s failed Glass experiment; in fact, the executive running Amazon’s version actually worked on that project.

However, Amazon has made it clear this will be a different type of tech gadget.

Specifically, the glasses won’t have a camera; instead, they will have a “bone-conduction audio system [that] would allow the wearer to hear Alexa without having to insert headphones into their ears.”

We may still be a few years away from seeing real estate agents advertise via smart speakers like Alexa.

However, it bears watching the development of these devices and software to see if it could be a worthwhile place to allocate some of your ad spend.

In the meantime, it looks like Facebook advertising will have to suffice as your primary real estate advertising channel.

This certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world, however, given how many high-quality real estate leads you can generate from Facebook for Business.

Learn how to develop a modern real estate marketing strategy in our explanatory guide for agents:

real estate marketing strategy

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