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Marketing Genius Podcast Recap: Investing Wisely, Nurturing Real Estate Leads, and More


By Matthew Bushery

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Placester Marketing Genius Podcast recapFrom how to be cost-effective with your real estate marketing dollars to what you can do to methodically move your leads down your sales funnel, you’ll discover several unique business insights in this edition of our Marketing Genius Podcast recap.

We feature a handful of the industry’s biggest and brightest stars each month on our revered podcast — like, say, Live Urban Real Estate’s Stacie Staub, Boutique Real Estate Group’s Raj Qsar, Sage Real Estate’s Melanie Piche, and Radio and Television Experts’ Matt Wagner — and, to make it simpler for you to catch up on all of these in-depth episodes and stay in the marketing loop, we develop these quick, easily consumable roundups.

So, set aside some time to check out our abridged recap of each episode so you can still glean most of the insights they shared with us and fellow Realtors such as yourself. (And, if you get some bonus time later in between showings, meetings, and other tasks, listen to each ep in their entirety. Believe us: It’s more than worth it.)

Nurturing Success with Melanie Piche

We’re nearly two decades into the 21st century and, believe it or not, many Realtors still abide by the old-school methodology of cold-calling and direct-mailing leads to nurture them to close (shocking, we know). The truth, however, is tactics like these appear to be dwindling in both popularity (thankfully) and effectiveness.

One main reason for this trend isn’t just that these techniques are part of the “outbound” strategy of nurturing leads, but that its opposite, inbound marketing, has grown mightily as the tried-and-true marketing approach for real estate pros today — something broker Melanie Piche has adopted, and helped her BREL Team adopt, over the past handful of years.

In this episode of our Marketing Genius Podcast, Piche shares her insights into what a modern prospecting plan should look like for aspiring top producers and how any agent of any age, niche, and skill level can leverage the inbound way to resonate better with their leads, turn those individuals into new clients, and repeat this insight-driven game plan to build long-lasting real estate businesses.

Top Quote from the Episode

“When somebody signs up for our newsletter, or we do a few of them, they get a, ‘Hey, great. Thanks. There’s a real person behind here. If you want to connect, please do.’ But beyond that, we’re not stalking them. We’re not, ‘Hey, we’re here. Did you see this property?’

“We really leave them alone and we produce a ton of content that we hope will bring them in at the right time. And we’ve had people come to us two, three years after being on our, we do a weekly hot list, and they’re like, ‘Okay, I’m ready to buy. I’ve read your list every single week for the last two years, and I wouldn’t even think of buying with anybody else.'”

Raising the Real Estate Bar with Raj Qsar

Home buyers and sellers today don’t want to hire just any agent to represent them. They want a real estate pro who has a proven track record of going above and beyond for their clients, is personable and relatable, and can offer a modern search experience (and lots of interesting, local-market-content) on their IDX website.

The Boutique Real Estate Group of Orange County checks off all of these important boxes — and a lot of that has to do with Raj Qsar, the principal behind the famed and successful California-based real estate operation.

Qsar spoke with Placester VP Seth Price during this episode of the podcast to chat about how his firm constantly thinks outside the box with its real estate marketing strategy and how the agency connects with its core audience in such unique ways online, including with the use of high-quality, highly attractive listing and market videos.

Top Quote from the Episode

“It’s part of the business that is often forgotten, is that the person on the other side of that text, or the phone call, or who’s opening that email is a real live human being. And it’s a real live human being who wants to do something. They wanna buy a house or they wanna sell a house or they want to talk to someone who’s not robotic.

“So a lot of this stuff comes from just years and years of following the best of the best online. Seeing how they’re doing it. And then improvising it to make it fit to what we do and how we talk here in Orange County.”

Smart Marketing Investments with Stacie Staub

There is no shortage of online and offline marketing activities for which you could allocate your hard-earned marketing spend. The challenge arises in trying to determine which of these innumberable tactics and channels are worth investing in for the long term.

Over at Live Urban Real Estate based in Denver, Stacie Staub has gradually narrowed down her list of essential marketing activities she knows can produce the types of traffic, lead, and client conversion goals she sets for her prestigious firm each and every month — and she was kind enough to elaborate on her processes on the Placester podcast.

This episode is chock-full of original marketing insights from the agency-in-question’s marketing director. Staub notes how she divvies up her brand’s budget toward things like real estate SEO, Facebook ads, creative content, and — of course — her agency’s website.

Staub also notes, though, where not to spend your money, which is equally as important these days when you can easily waste ad spend on marketing approaches that just don’t deliver, as well as how she designates who in her firm is responsible for which activities and how to delegate certian markeitng duties across one’s team of agents and assistants.

Top Quote from the Episode

“I think that, especially in a fast moving market like Denver, it’s really easy for agents to get distracted by bright and shiny, right? So for more than a dozen years now, we’ve been … looking at the next hot app and like, ‘What’s the new secret sauce?’ And I think we’ve come full circle to where agents need to focus on … Their business building activities and really take their marketing training and spend their time wisely. That’s what I try to focus our agents on at Live Urban.

“There are several of them that love to blog. There are some people that really like to create their own flyers and things like that, but in the end, when they let the marketing department just really take control of that, they can spend a lot more of their time nurturing their relationships, and that’s what really pays off for them.”

Good Old Fashioned Marketing with Matt Wagner

We know, we know — how can we possibly transition to talking about the benefits of (some) outbound, offline marketing tactics after talking about the numerous pros of inbound, online techniques? Well, in short, because Matt Wagner has proven it’s possible to use the aforementioned approach to win even more business opportunities.

Wagner, who has helped agents all over the country transform into local celebrities who dominate the real estate conversation in their specific housing markets, spoke with us on the podcast to relay his more traditional-style business model and how his Realtor customers utilize his organization’s services to bolster their branding, online and offline.

With his Radio and Television Experts venture for real estate pros, Wagner and Co. have added yet another effective layer to agents’ and brokers’ marketing strategies — one that his clients’ say have played a significant role in furthering their careers and padding their real estate CRMs (and, in turn, bottom lines) more than they could’ve dreamed.

Top Quote from the Episode

“I think you’ve got some agents that choose to work by themselves and not build a team. Certainly, there are some people that there’s nothing wrong with that model, if that’s what someone wants to do and they’re happy. And then there’s that next layer of somebody that commits — and it really is a commitment to building a team and building more volume from that team.

“I liken it a lot to a restaurant. … We’ve all got that buddy that has that ‘No-one-has-better-ribs-than-I-do’ recipe — and they may cook fabulous ribs, but if they try to open up a restaurant, that’s a whole another layer. Now, all of a sudden, they’ve got to be able to have the staff, they’ve got to be able to have a location, they’ve got to do other elements of their business.

“So, I think … we’re looking for restaurants that are operated at full capacity, so to speak, in real estate, that now they wanna add that next layer of customers that can now come in that they can handle.”

Learn even more real estate marketing insights from Keller Williams Associate Barbara Woyak in our exclusive webinar:

Placester webinar Keller Williams Barbara Woyak

Which of these episodes did you find most perceptive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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