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Marketing Genius Podcast Recap: Mastering Online Leads, Crafting a Brand, and More

By Matthew Bushery


Placester Marketing Genius Podcast episode recapReal estate marketing involves a whole lot more than just setting up an online presence. Incorporating client feedback to become a better agent, enhancing your firm’s branding and messaging, and improving your lead nurturing efforts are just some of the tasks industry pros need to tackle regularly to keep their agencies headed in the right direction.

Placester’s own Matt Barba and Seth Price have interviewed a handful of real estate marketing experts on our informative (and highly reviewed) Marketing Genius Podcast about the best ways for agents and brokers to give their branding a boost and build better businesses.

Check out our recaps of these podcast episodes below, and be sure to give each one a listen to learn how you can fine-tune your digital marketing strategies.

Mastering Online Leads with Alyssa Hellman

It’s no small feat to be featured on the National Association of REALTORS®’ 30 Under 30 list, which includes only the best and brightest young real estate agents across the country. Alyssa Hellman, who runs the Go School for Better Homes & Gardens Go Realty in North Carolina, is one of the fantastic few to have made the list in 2015 — and  for good reason.

Despite her short real estate career, Hellman has cracked the code for online real estate leads, mastering not only generating digital leads, but also the fine art of lead nurturing and conversion.

In this engrossing episode, Hellman shares how she arrived at Go Realty, why agents need to be themselves in their real estate marketing (especially on social media), how to communicate effectively with prospects, and the keys to earning leads’ trust (hint: Patience is a virtue — particularly for agents).


Crafting an Unforgettable Brand with Kim Colaprete & Chavi Hohm

Athletes, singers, and movie stars aren’t the only people in this world who need to develop a fervent following to meet their career aspirations. As Team Diva Real Estate’s Kim Colaprete and Chavi Hohm note on their Marketing Genius Podcast episode, agents and brokers also need to focus on building their fan base (i.e., happy leads who enjoy consuming agents’ website content, email newsletters, social shares, and other marketing collateral).

By doing so, the Seattle-based real estate duo said agents will get a better understanding of what kind of messaging and content resonates with their local audience of buyers and sellers, and in turn, how they can use that information to improve their branding and bottom line.

Listen as Colaprete and Hohm discuss the challenges of garnering a following as an agent, how to survive (and even thrive) during down economic periods, and other real estate marketing topics in their eye-opening MG Podcast episode.


Thinking Like a Consumer with Nobu Hata

As Director of Brand Engagement for the National Association of REALTORS, Nobu Hata has made it his mission to ensure every REALTOR is taking advantage of the wealth of resources the real estate industry trade organization provides, from .REALTOR website domains to in-depth NAR research reports on buyer and seller trends.

Hata spends his time thinking about how to get REALTORS across the country to adopt an online marketing mindset and create forward-thinking content that will attract and close more leads. As he tells Matt and Seth on the podcast, it all starts with a sleek, modern real estate website.

In this episode, Nobu explains which marketing activities every REALTOR should employ in their day-to-day, how putting themselves in consumers’ shoes will give agents a new perspective on selling real estate, and how to move leads through the marketing funnel — and take them from staring at their computer screens to sitting in front of them at listing presentations.


Building a Better Brokerage with Jack Miller

Auditing and experimenting with real estate technology is part of the job for today’s broker — or, at least, it should be, according to T3 Experts’ Jack Miller. You shouldn’t settle when it comes to your software, Miller explains on the podcast. Rather, brokers must be more proactive in identifying the solutions that will advance their business goals and empower their agents to grow their skills and client base.

As Miller indicates, agents have more than enough on their plates every day, from hosting open houses to taking meetings with leads and clients to organizing real estate marketing activities like blogging, email, and the like. That means it’s on brokers to make sure their team members have the right tools and training at their disposal.

Discover more of Miller’s tips and tricks for brokers by listening to the full episode, which features insights on what distinguishes a mediocre brokerage from an outstanding one, and how brokers can find the best tools and resources to offer their agents.

Want more expert insights? Be sure to read our recap of our first Marketing Genius Podcast episodes, featuring RealSatisfied’s Jeff Turner, Happy Grasshopper’s Dan Stewart, and other leading real estate business minds.

What do you think about the real estate marketing wisdom shared by these five industry pros? What’s your favorite piece of advice featured in these MG Podcast episodes? Share your thoughts with us below!

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