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Google Tools for Keyword Research

By Colin Ryan


When you hear the term “keyword analysis,” you might assume you’ll need some sophisticated and expensive proprietary program to do it. In reality, however, many of the best tools for keyword research come not from third party software developers, but from Google. Here are three free Google tools to help you discover and choose the best keywords.

See which keywords are already driving traffic

Google Analytics

Instead of plucking new keywords out of thin air, you should start by examining the existing traffic to your site. Just head to your site’s Google Analytics dashboard and click Traffic Sources in the sidebar, then scroll down to see which keywords sent the most visitors to your site. This will show you what phrases you already rank pretty highly for, and give you ideas for related terms you can realistically win.

use Google AdWords for keyword discovery

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool measures the popularity and competitiveness of a given keyword and suggests others.

To use the Keyword Tool, simply type in a phrase you want to research. You can keep the results broad, or refine them by expanding the “Advanced Options and Filters box. This will give you the option to filter by country, language, and device.

After hitting Search, you’ll see a list of suggested keywords, which can be ranked according to competitiveness (High, Medium, Low), Global Monthly Searches, and Local Monthly Searches (which factors in any filters you’ve set above). You may find that your initial term is too competitive and too broad, or that no one is searching it at all. Use the Keyword Tool to select keywords that strike a comfortable balance between popularity and competition.

See how popular your keywords are over time

Google Trends

Next, you can use Google Trends to track the popularity of a keyword not just at this moment, but over months and years. Obviously, you’ll want to pursue keywords that are becoming more popular with time, rather than less.

Google Trends assigns your keyword a score from 1-100, where 100 represents its most popular moment relative to the total number of searches done on Google over the same time period. You can filter results according to time, region, and category. You can even do some basic forecasting to see how your keyword might fare in the coming months.

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