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Real Estate Marketing Basics Bootcamp: Content Marketing

By Bella Caballero


Build a Comprehensive Content Library


Today’s lesson on website design can help you figure out:

  • How you can go from novice content creator to a savvy writer who can produce articulate and informative copy for each and every site page.
  • What types of core information you should share with your audience and ideas for specific types of pages you can craft for your site.
  • Tips for planning, producing, and publishing content that helps you get found by your niche audience online — and turn them into repeat visitors.

Here’s one positive outcome that you may see from following today’s lesson:

  • With our advice, you can get the confidence needed to finally begin your content marketing strategy in earnest — and eventually use the content created to resonate with your buyer persona.
  • Let’s say you want to target all of the major keywords associated with your market (e.g. “Boston homes for sale,” “real estate in Boston”). You can use our tips to create SEO-friendly pages your potential leads will find in Google
  • And once they do find you via Google search, you’ll see the traffic pour in.

Our Day 5 video explains how content marketing works, and how it can work for you. Watch the lesson here, and don’t forget to check out your final homework assignment below!

Marketing expert Michael Brenner once shared this tidbit: “Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.”

Without a steady stream of educational (and entertaining) content for your real estate website, you’re not giving consumers what they want: resources to help them with the home buying and selling process, and a reason to get in touch with you.

You may not consider yourself a writer, and that’s okay. Only a small percentage of agents do. Whether you write content yourself, or get help from a marketing services firm or freelance writer, what’s most important is that you commit to content.

The first step is building an editorial calendar.

Here is the basic, three-step process to creating content that shows off your knowledge of the real estate process, and other quality traits buyers and sellers look for in agents today:

real estate marketing

Whether you use a simple Google spreadsheet, or free project management software like Trello to get your first content calendar in place, just be certain you come up with a game plan before you start writing anything.

Any and every content idea should be added to your editorial calendar. Once you have a few dozen ideas floated, you can pick a handful to move forward with.

As a suggestion, here’s a good content mix to aim for each month:

  • Four blog posts
  • Two area pages
  • One buyer’s or seller’s guide

Add all of that content up at the end of the year, and that’s nearly 100 new pages on your website that are found useful by your audience — and Google.

At the end of the day, it’s all about reaching the right folks with your content. And that’s where we come full circle to Day 1’s lesson on customer personas!

As you build your calendar and create your content, don’t forget the target audience that you’re writing it for.


1. First … breathe! And remember: No brand’s content marketing is perfect — but it doesn’t need to be. Just start typing away and you can refine your initial content afterward.

2.  Publish your first piece of content to your real estate website — and pat yourself on the back. It truly only gets easier with each piece of collateral your create for your online presence.

3.  Start with simple promotion: Share your new article or page on your Facebook Business Page to show your audience you develop high-quality content (and maybe send a manual email to your top leads featuring the content, if you feel comfortable).


That’s it! Congrats! You’ve built the foundation of a modern real estate marketing strategy.

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