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10 Real Estate Marketing Resolutions for 2017

By Elizabeth Christensen


2017 real estate marketing resolutionsA new year calls for a new outlook on your goals and habits. Maybe this is the year you vow to finally try meditating or to hit the gym more frequently. While it’s obviously important to focus on improving your health, as a real estate agent you should always be thinking of ways to revamp your business. Resolve to enter the new year with a bunch of excellent ways to do just that? Below, we’ve presented our top 10 real estate marketing resolutions agent and brokers should make so 2017 can be your most productive year yet.

1) Audit your IDX website

You hopefully already have a visually appealing website that’s easy to navigate and user-friendly. If not, upgrading to a more responsive design would be the first step here. Then, you need to make sure it’s performing well and bolstering your business. This is where site auditing comes in.  

What exactly does auditing consist of?

  1. If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, use it now to see the top-performing pages from your website. This will give you a great idea of who your visitors are and what they like to read.
  2. Find the keywords that drive traffic to your site. An audit will allow you to track SEO keyword usage and how people and search engines view your site. An audit can also provide feedback on the site’s description and title, and how it appears on Google.
  3. With this new information, develop your own content calendar and keyword plan so you can create more of what leads love. It’s a good idea to check your SEO frequently — at least once a month — so you’re able to see search rankings and improve your site’s content.

2) Repurpose Past Successes

Think about the ways you’ve succeeded in converting a lead in the past. Did you conduct an interview with a local coffee shop owner that turned out to be popular? Or maybe you added some interesting photos to your slideshow that inspired a lead to email asking more about nearby attractions? Whatever tactic you’ve used to drive traffic to your site, do it again and often. According to Social Media Examiner, 58% of marketers cite original content as their most important marketing strategy. Not only will it get you in the habit of thinking about successful ways to engage leads, but your followers will look forward to new content, too.

To start, revisit the content you’ve already created and find your top:

  • Blog Post
  • Site Page
  • Video
  • Interview
  • Infographic
  • Image

Analyze what made each of them great and use those components as inspiration for new content and pages.

3) Craft New Content Types

The more ways you’re able to interest potential buyers and sellers the better. When you want to think outside the box, it helps to consider what you’d be interested in reading?

  1. Food: Rank your favorite places to grab a cup of coffee or dinner.

     2. Outdoor Attractions: Does your community have a ton of hiking trails? A diverse urban landscape? Do your best to showcase your area’s unique features. Take some photo or video out in nature.

     3. Music: A popular music venue is a great way for newcomers to interact with locals and get a sense of the area’s culture. Review the ones you enjoy.

    4. Listings: Provide your followers with a video or live-stream tour of listings so they get an idea of what types of properties are available.

    5. Schools: Depending on the demographic, it’s a safe bet to guess your buyers either have families or are looking to start them and will be interested in the quality of local schools. Use local coverage and market data to talk up the education.

Videos provide a great way to generate content and new leads. You could repurpose blog posts into videos or infographics, film a panoramic of a popular neighborhood or an informative guide on property values in your area. No matter what type of content you set out to create, have some fun with it. If people are unfamiliar with the area you’re an expert in, the personal touch of a video can do a lot to encourage people to learn more.

Additionally, you want to make sure you keep regular visitors to your site engaged with new information and shareable images.

These articles can help you write or source great content for your site: 

How to Generate Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 5 Types of Content

How to Turn One Piece of Real Estate Content Marketing Into 10

101 Amazing Blog Post Ideas For Your Real Estate Website

4) Engage Through Email

Email is an excellent way to nurture already interested leads and move them further down the sales funnel. And since most people check their email on both their smart phones and laptops, drip email marketing campaigns are a simple way to get someone’s attention with a piece of information they’re able to easily refer back to.

Here are five ideas you probably haven’t explored yet:

  1. Use eye-catching templates for your newsletter
  2. Focus a lot on a subject line that will grab their attention
  3. Setting up creative autoresponders, for everything from appointment requests to your out-of-office replies.
  4. A drip campaign for each type of lead you have.

Get more email ideas here with our guide.

5) Succeed on Social Media

This one is an absolute must in today’s business world. Consumers are communicating through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram constantly. Research shows people spend almost two hours a day on their social media accounts, so it’s important to establish yourself on these platforms to promote your brand and your business. Like email, social media is readily available and easily accessible, so make as much use of it as you can without inundating your audience. Here are some quick ideas to get you started for the new year:


  • Create a custom header image showcasing your brand
  • CTA button is a feature that will link to your newsletter
  • Start a live video to engage audiences.


  • Add even more content to Instagram Stories  
  • Try new filters, angles, and creative fun photography to showcase your market


  • Use Advanced Search to generate leads and track trends
  • Start a live conversation with free Q&A for those interested in buying in your area. Don’t forget to promote it and use hashtags to gain more participants.


Add new ones as needed. While new social platforms constantly pop up, it’s important to only add those when you’ve gained success on the major ones.

6) Organize on the Go

Gone are the days of envelope stuffing in your office. Hopefully you have an effective CRM that sees a lot of use, and you’ve learned to gather and manage your leads with it from essentially anywhere. Make use of small amounts of downtime — like after a showing — to check in with your CRM and send out a few emails to new and existing leads. Managing these necessary tasks a bit at a time will help you feel less overwhelmed during really busy periods, too. Modernize your marketing and leverage mobile technology so you can make CRM management much easier.

7) Revamp with Videos

There is a lot to be said for the visual aspect of nurturing leads. Using videos as part of your marketing strategy offers a lot of variety in how you share information with people, whether it be through content that showcases your personality as a real estate agent or as feedback from past clients about their positive home-buying experience with you.

Five Video Ideas:

  1. Live-stream open houses
  2. Neighborhood tours
  3. Interview local entrepreneurs
  4. Showcase client testimonials
  5. Give on-camera advice about the buying and selling process

8) Balance your Budget

It’s important to spend enough on marketing materials to attract leads to your business. You don’t want to skimp, nor do you want to go overboard. Research shows marketing budgets have increased for three consecutive years, and the categories that received the most spend among businesses were web, digital commerce, and digital advertising. That being said, it’s important to set aside time to plot out how much money you want to allocate toward marketing after considering 

  1. Your recent sales history
  2. Local real estate conditions
  3. Industry averages for ad spend
  4. Your goals for revenue this year

Use our business planner and marketing calculator to help.

9) Experiment with Ads

Believe it or not, using programs like Google AdWords and Facebook to advertise your business can generate instant leads, and that’s always a plus for your business. There’s several benefits to trying out paid advertising if you haven’t in the past: ease of setup, the ability to track metrics, and increased site traffic are just a few of the positive outcomes you may see. Google AdWords allows for keyword research so you’re able to discover your target buyer and seller groups as well. And since you’re able to allocate a budget for ad spend, it’s easy to generate more leads on your terms.

10) Test New Tech Tools

When it comes to technology designed specifically for real estate professionals, there’s more options available than ever before. Give yourself time to explore and test drive a few and see how they affect your business. 

When using a new app ask yourself:

Does it improve communications with leads?
Does it offer a new way to engage your audience?
Does it help your business run more efficiently?

If the answer to more than one of those questions is no, move on to the next opportunity.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time testing out new trends, tried and true technology like social media and drip email marketing campaigns are a good place to start.

Want more tips for building out your 2017 plan? See our resolutions webinar here.

You can also Watch our exclusive webinar with Coldwell Banker’s Sean Carpenter as he walks you through his “reach out” plan for the year.

What other types of marketing ideas do you plan to put into action this year? Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us about them.

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