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The perfect solution for dominating a geography, niche type of real estate or giving everyone in your organization a presence online by creating multiple MLS powered websites.

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Why Multiple Websites?

There are three big reasons why having more than one website makes sense for your business:

  • Websites that appeal to specific types of buyers

    Everyone knows that there are all different types of buyers and sellers: luxury, first-time, education focused, budget conscious... the list goes on. You wouldn't handle them similarly if they walked into your office. Why are you handling them the same on the internet?

  • Give everyone in your organization an online presence

    You are expecting everyone in your organization to generate interest from buyers and sellers, but how are they suppose to do that without being in the one place that everyone is searching?

  • How does ProTools Multi Work?

    ProTools Multi is an affordable way of dominating local search, empowering everyone in your organization to generate leads and appealing to the needs of specific types of clients by providing you with more than one website.

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    Just enter your contact information and you'll be off to the races in 30 seconds. You can expect an email confirming that you've successfully filled out the form and a response from a Support specialist within 24 hours.

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    Receive the Getting Started Packet

    After you complete the contact form, you can expect a Placester Support Specialist to reach out with more information about how the process works as well as set up a time to answer your questions, show you examples and help you figure out exactly how to accomplish your vision.

    Complete Site Setup Survey

    To kick off the project, you'll be sent a short survey that asks you to describe what you'd like to accomplish through a series of simple questions. You can expect a follow up call from your Support Specialist to confirm the details provided so we can get to work creating your sites.

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    Connect Your domains and Get Configuration Support

    Once you've confirmed that the sites are set up the way you want, your Support Specialist will walk you through how to add new pages, make sure you're blog articles get to the right place and control the look and feel.
    Then, it's time to connect it with your domain name and make it live.

    Don't worry if that sounds complicated, your Support specialist will wlak you through the process step by step.

    automated distribution
    automated distribution

    Enjoy Your New Sites

    Now that your new websites are live you can start promoting your business on the internet through sharing, advertising and local search.

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    So are you ready to get started?

    ProTools Multi is the most affordable way to create a network of real estate sites

    Create a Network of Real Estate Sites
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    What are the next steps?

    Once you complete the contact form you can expect an note from a Placester Support Specialist with more information about Website Personalization and an offer to jump on a quick phone to call to get your questions answered.

    How quickly will I receive a response?

    You'll receive a response within 24 hours.

    How quickly will my sites be live?

    That really depends on how quickly you complete your survey and how many websites you'd need but a general rule is 1-2 weeks.

    What if I just want to learn more?

    Great! Just complete the contact form to the left, there's no obligation to get started and the Support Specialist who reaches out will be able to answer any questions you have.