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The Keys to Conversion with Bernice Ross

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As any agent or broker knows, your real estate training actually begins when your earn your license. Some agents are fortunate enough to work at brokerages that invest in great training programs and resources. In fact, nearly a quarter of agents cited training as the single most valuable service provided by their brokers.

If you [want to] convert an online lead, please know that whoever you’re buying that lead from is probably selling it to three or four other agents. And you need to be the first one who responds.

— Bernice Ross

But not all agents are so lucky. For instance, 12 percent of agents are dissatisfied with the quality of training offered by their brokerages. Meanwhile, independent agents have to come up with the education they need to compete all on their own. Thankfully, there are a host of real estate educators working to fill in these gaps and more—and Bernice Ross is one of the best.

A former college instructor turned broker with a PhD to match, Bernice put her skills to use in founding RealEstateCoach.com, one of the top training and coaching companies in the world. For Bernice, great real estate training is tailored to fit each student. “The idea is to help agents grow their business by focusing on the specific things that they do well, developing their strengths, not doing some one-size-fits-all approach,” she told us.

Bernice has lead conversion down to a science, and it all starts with quick reflexes. “If you [want to] convert an online lead, please know that whoever you’re buying that lead from is probably selling it to three or four other agents,” Bernice explained. “And you need to be the first one who responds.” From there, she told us, it’s all about demonstrating your expertise in the form of a focused, professional website. “Before that person picks up and calls you, they’re going to Google you. So your website is a core component of how you present yourself to the marketplace,” Bernice said.

From her years leading education initiatives at major brands like Keller Williams, to her celebrated training and coaching programs, to her work as a syndicated author and speaker, Bernice has been a constant voice for innovation and smart, tactical solutions to the challenges real estate professionals face.

In this interview, Bernice outlines the most convincing way for agents to talk to prospective clients about the market, and explains the three things every new agent needs to master to achieve success in real estate.

- Matt & Seth
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