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"Before we try anything…we always ask: are we bringing value? And what problem are we trying to solve? That philosophy can be implemented on any budget."
- Tom Flanagan
The Next Big Thing in Real Estate with Tom Flanagan

These are exciting times for the real estate industry. New startups, new tools, and new business models are changing the way real estate professionals engage with consumers, and the response has been largely positive: in a survey of consumer satisfaction in various industries, the real estate industry came out on top, with 96 percent of…

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"So much of the training around our business is how to get strangers to like you. And if strangers already like you, your job just gets really easy."
- Marguerite Giguere & Anne Jones
Acing Real Estate Video with Marguerite Giguere & Anne Jones

It’s no secret that video is an incredibly powerful medium for marketers in just about every industry. Today’s consumers spend nearly two hours with digital video each day, compared to 1:44 on social networks. By 2017, it’s predicted that video will make up nearly 70 percent of all web traffic. In real estate, 85 percent…

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"Our age right now is about self-discovery. It’s about understanding where you want to be, who you want to be…then about bringing in the right tools [to] help you do that."
- Jack Miller
Building a Better Brokerage with Jack Miller

It’s fair to say that real estate brokers are under attack — from startups, from new hybrid brokerage models, from the decline of brick-and-mortar offices. In this environment, there’s more pressure than ever on brokers to provide value for agents and consumers. That means better tools, along with the training agents need to use them…

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"I love this business, and I don’t want to see us go the way of the cabdriver."
- Nobu Hata
Thinking Like a Consumer with Nobu Hata

In the digital era, marketers have become accustomed to a variety of new metrics: traffic, clicks, likes, opens, shares. But while such metrics can certainly help real estate professionals measure the success of a campaign or the quality of a lead, the most important metric is also the oldest: action. In many ways, the convenience…

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"If you’re not creating [a fan base], then all you’re doing is selling houses. And that’s not what this business is about."
- Kim Colaprete & Chavi Hohm
Crafting an Unforgettable Brand with Kim Colaprete & Chavi Hohm

There’s never been a better time to be a consumer. No matter the economy, today’s consumers have more choice, more information, and more ways to connect with companies than ever before. For real estate professionals, this means added pressure to distinguish themselves from the competition. Gone are the days when you could prosper simply by…

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"Is [your technology] a good experience for your clients? If it’s easy for you and not easy for your clients, you shouldn’t be using it."
- Alyssa Hellman
Mastering Online Leads with Alyssa Hellman

These days, everyone is talking about online leads. Yet despite the hype, online leads only account for a small percentage of most agents’ business. This doesn’t mean that online leads are a bust, however: in fact, 1 in 10 agents get 46 percent of their prospects online, and close three times more of those leads…

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"Indecision is the worst decision…The biggest mistake people make is trying everything once, versus trying the right thing a dozen times."
- Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin
Marketing That Doesn’t Suck with Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin

Here’s the ugly truth: there are a lot of bad marketers out there. Some marketers know they’re bad. For instance, only 38 percent of B2C marketers believe their organization’s content marketing efforts are effective. Others, however, have no idea. In fact, just 37 percent of B2C companies have a documented content marketing strategy, while more…

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"Marketing is about the marathon, not the sprint."
- Katie Lance
Developing a Digital Strategy with Katie Lance

In today’s marketing world, social media is a given. That’s certainly true in the real estate industry: 91 percent of REALTORS® employ social media in their business, while 77 percent say they’re at least somewhat comfortable using it. Of course, comfort isn’t the same as success, and many agents and brokers struggle to turn their…

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"Sales happen inside of conversations. No one is going to click a button to download their next home."
- Dan Stewart
Creating Conversations with Dan Stewart

In digital terms, email is as old as time. Yet despite repeated claims about its impending demise, email remains a hugely important tool for businesses looking to communicate with consumers. According to the 2015 State of Marketing Report from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 73 percent of marketers say email is core to their marketing strategy, while…

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"Listening is the most important skill that any businessperson has to have."
- Jeff Turner
The Secret to Satisfying Your Clients with Jeff Turner

Whether they’re searching for a restaurant, a wristwatch, or a real estate agent, it’s clear that online reviews play a major role in consumers’ buying decisions. As of 2014, 88 percent of people have used online reviews to gauge the quality of a local business—and the same proportion trust reviews just as much as personal…

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