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"Getting 150% of any given commission doesn't mean you don't wake up unemployed the next day."
- Bill Lublin
Sustainable Selling with Bill Lublin

By now, social media plays a major role in the lives of many real estate professionals. Indeed, 25 percent of agents say they’re “extremely comfortable” using social media. But few agents or brokers are as comfortable with social media as Bill Lublin—after all, he wrote the book on it. As CEO of The Social Media Marketing…

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"Learn from your mistakes and fail, fail, fail, fail. But learn every time, in every one of those situations, so you can bypass that the next time."
- Leighton Dees
The Business of You with Leighton Dees

What exactly do real estate agents and brokers sell? It sounds like a simple question. But the truth is actually a lot more complicated. When looking for an agent, for instance, both sellers and buyers cite trustworthiness and reputation as the most important qualities, with “knowledge of the neighborhood” coming in fourth and third place,…

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"[Brokers] need to create value within the brokerage to be able to push it to their agents, so the agents can push it to their clients, and give their clients the opportunity for success."
- Raj Qsar
Raising the Real Estate Bar with Raj Qsar

Years ago, real estate agents were the gatekeepers. If you as a consumer wanted to know what was on the market, you had to go through an agent. But those gates are gone. Real estate consumers now have access to all the property data they could ever want. Today, you need to give them something…

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"Anybody can put your house on the MLS, and take some cool photos…[We] go after that market that doesn't know they want to buy yet, and doesn't know they want to buy in your neighborhood."
- Melanie Piche
Nurturing Success with Melanie Piche

For many real estate consumers, buying or selling a home feels like a blur—something that happens all at once. In 2015, the majority of sellers nationwide had their homes on the market for 4 weeks or fewer. Buyers, meanwhile, spent a median of 10 weeks searching for a home, with folks over 49 searching for…

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"If someone doesn't have a good website…people can very easily forget why they went there in the first place. They can get lost, and a confused mind always says, "No," and moves on."
- Matt Wagner
Good Old Fashioned Marketing with Matt Wagner

In the age of digital, the demise of traditional broadcast media like radio and television seems all but certain. The truth, however, is more complicated. While it’s true that both television ratings and advertising revenues have been either flat or declining in recent years, TV remains by far the most important platform for ad spending,…

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"Everything you create, use it again and again and again. And even if you're out in your day-to-day busy life as a Realtor, you can always be creating content...I think a lot of agents miss that."
- Stacie Staub
Smart Marketing Investments with Stacie Staub

Many of today’s real estate professionals are overwhelmed by digital marketing. And who can blame them? Most folks don’t get into real estate because they like running Facebook ads, doing SEO, or writing blog posts: they do it because they like selling homes and helping real people. Like it or not, however, digital marketing has…

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"To run a successful business, you have to simultaneously think at a high level and get your hands dirty."
- Nick Baldwin & Tristan Ahumada
The Science of Real Estate with Nick Baldwin & Tristan Ahumada

In an industry as cutthroat as real estate, it can be difficult to get your peers to open up about their expertise, even if they’re not direct competitors. But for Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada, sharing what’s working for your business makes you stronger, not weaker. To run a successful business, you have to simultaneously…

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"Most people’s issue is not that they don’t know what to do: it’s that they don’t do it."
- Jared James
Finding Your Motivation with Jared James

In the real estate marketing world, and certainly on this show, we spend a lot of time talking about tools and strategies for succeeding online. But we often neglect to talk about the most important piece of the puzzle: motivation. It’s the reason a majority of agents fail within the first five years of their…

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"We generate so much broker-to-broker referral business, but what happens next? If you have a poor website experience, then that referral is a lot less meaningful."
- Pam O'Connor
The Power of Indie Brokerages with Pam O’Connor

What’s the purpose of a real estate broker?   It’s a question that both agents and entrepreneurs are asking a lot these days. Between the ever-improving tools and software being marketed directly to agents, bold real estate startups like Redfin, and so-called “hybrid brokerages” that are driving down commission splits across the industry, there are…

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"When you know what you’re good at, say no to everything else…The longer people are in this industry, the more refined their niche is."
- Sarah Jones & Zach Schabot
Culture First with Sarah Jones & Zach Schabot

The last few years have seen tons of advances in the home buying and selling process. But renting: that’s another story. Today, nearly 40 percent of Americans rent their homes, and many of them feel like second-class citizens when it comes to finding a place to live. Nevertheless, the fact remains that more Americans are…

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