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"I could only reach so many people in a day [knocking on doors]. But if I shoot a video, [and] I have a couple thousand views…I've effectively knocked on a thousand doors."
- Ben Bacal
Aiming High with Ben Bacal

For most real estate agents, selling homes in the upper six figures sounds like a pretty sweet deal. In fact, with the current national median price at $232,200, you’d be earning more than twice what the average agent makes on every sale. But that wasn’t enough for Ben Bacal. I could only reach so many…

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"We're in the information age. It's rare that you can't find something that you need. So go find it. There's no excuse."
- Lee Davenport
Bridging the Gaps with Lee Davenport

When I was starting out in real estate, I learned pretty quickly that there’s a big difference between knowledge and experience, between earning your license and being an expert in your craft. In fact, most of the agents I’ve talked to have a similar story of realizing that they knew plenty about real estate, but…

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"I'm an awareness guy. And I believe when you sell that…it creates a good standard for what the role of the content will be [in your business]."
- Chris Craft
A Helping Hand with Chris Craft

In the world of digital marketing, content providers have something of a mixed reputation. On the one hand, real estate agents are struggling to find the time and the know-how to create great content that attracts prospects online. On the other hand, content providers are often dismissed as little more than “content mills,” promising front-page…

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"Houses do not sell houses: the people that live in them sell them. So unless you're talking to those people, you really have no chance of selling any of those homes."
- Garron Selliken
Best Practices with Garron Selliken

Real estate agents and consumers take many of today’s online search tools for granted. But back in the early 2000’s, before Google Maps and the big real estate search websites, there were few solutions for harnessing the power of the web. Houses do not sell houses: the people that live in them sell them. So…

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"When agents get into this business, they always ask that one crucial question: "What's the first thing I should do?" You build a data bank. Period. Nothing else matters."
- Lisa Archer
Banking Relationships with Lisa Archer

Real estate agents are constantly told that they need a great website. And for the most part, they’ve listened. Today, over half of REALTORS® say they’ve had a website for over 5 years. Of course, that’s only half of the story. After all, the vast majority of real estate-related traffic on the web goes real…

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"I haven't always put [my team members] in the right seat to start, but they've ended up in the right seat in the end. Because I was committed to them."
- Jenny Wemert
Leveraging Loyalty with Jenny Wemert

For many real estate agents, leads and deals are the currency of success. But we’d propose another, more valuable currency: loyalty. In this business, earning a consumer’s loyalty can make the difference between one paycheck and a lifetime of rewards. Building trust with your clients can not only result in repeat business, but also good…

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"If you're helpful, you're going to advance the conversation, you're going create trust, and then people will come back when they're ready to buy."
- Allen Bonde
Small Data, Big Results with Allen Bonde

Between easy consumer access to tons of data, better tools for targeting prospects, and the culture of instant gratification on the internet, real estate has never been more competitive. Consumer loyalty is also harder to come by these days: while the vast majority of young homebuyers are still working with agents, they’re less likely than…

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"Many new investors are following advice of agents who are not sophisticated enough to understand how to evaluate [an investment]…You can stand up ahead of the pack as an agent by learning this stuff."
- Joshua Dorkin
Investing in Your Future with Joshua Dorkin

Years ago, the vast majority of people were content simply to own their own home. Today, however, more and more people are exploring the possibilities of real estate investing. Even after the harsh lessons of the 2008 real estate bubble, today’s consumers increasingly have access to an incredible amount of data and financing options to…

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"This is multiplication. If you can get five people doing the same business as you, then that's more money than you're making."
- Lee Adkins
Making the Leap with Lee Adkins

At its core, real estate is an entrepreneur’s dream, and not just for investors or developers. Agents themselves enjoy incredible freedom to build their businesses as they see fit, facing bigger risks than most professions, but also greater potential rewards. This is multiplication. If you can get five people doing the same business as you,…

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"Mental toughness is a choice. It is a muscle."
- Tom Ferry
The Right Mindset with Tom Ferry

What does it really take to achieve success in real estate? Is it a beautiful website that shows up in search and drives traffic? More, higher quality leads? A powerful personal brand that attracts your target consumers?   Mental toughness is a choice. It is a muscle. — Tom Ferry Certainly, all of these elements…

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