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"[Your mentors] have so much to teach you, and they don't even know they're teaching."
- Melissa Boucher
The Road to $20 Million with Melissa Boucher

When it comes to advising new or aspiring agents, there are two persistent myths. Some folks say you can start earning right away in real estate. Others tell rookie it’ll be months before they make their first deal. But for Melissa Boucher, the first six months weren’t for making money: they were for learning. [Your…

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"I made it to the top agent at that office…and the top five in the state. [But in] my tax returns that year, I made 10 grand, and it was all because of ego."
- Pat Hiban
The Ego Problem with Pat Hiban

Real estate is built on personal branding. Whether you work for a major franchise or an indie brokerage, your first responsibility as an agent is growing your own list of clients and prospects. And with all that branding comes ego. It’s everywhere, from bus stop ads to websites and everywhere in between. Some would argue…

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"If they're just starting to [think about] where they want live...I'm not taking them to show them listings. I'm trying take them to…areas of town so they can see where they want to live first."
- Steve Jolly
Killing Cold Calls with Steve Jolly

For many real estate agents, the 2008 housing crash was a disaster. Yet even in the darkest days, there were still corners of our  industry that found a way to thrive. Distressed sales, for instance, made up almost a third of all real estate transactions in 2009, with real estate owned properties taking the biggest…

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"Treat your website not as your business card…[but] as your retail store or your mall."
- Irina Kim Sang
Finding Your Niche with Irina Kim Sang

One of the first lessons we learn when entering the working world is what it really means to start at the bottom. Whether it’s writing parking tickets as a police officer, sweeping floors at a hair salon, or processing endless data at a corporate job, working your way up the ladder is an often unpleasant…

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"Being successful in any business, it doesn't come down to a million things. It comes down to just doing maybe three things every day."
- Tim & Julie Harris
Extreme Ownership with Tim & Julie Harris

In the age of digital marketing, where there’s so much choice and so many distractions, it’s easy to find a reason why a listing or a lead didn’t go your way. Maybe that buyer wasn’t actually ready. Or maybe that seller decided to list with an old friend. But for Tim and Julie Harris, there’s…

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"I don't care how many houses you sell that first year...Are you seeing what the coordinator does? Are you making your follow-up calls?"
- Brad Allen
Exceeding Expectations with Brad Allen

In an industry that runs on commission, it’s easy to see why a lot of real estate professionals are reluctant to make a significant up-front investment in their clients. But in today’s competitive atmosphere, more agents, teams, and brokerages are beginning to see the value of going the extra mile for their clients. Brad Allen…

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"The way you actually build brand is by working. [It's] by selling something, it's by taking a listing, it's by showing property, and by helping consumers transact…That's building brand."
- Matt Beall
A Working Brand with Matt Beall

With its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and picturesque views, life in Hawaii is enough to make anyone a dreamer—all except for Matt Beall. He has his feet planted firmly on the ground. The way you actually build brand is by working. [It’s] by selling something, it’s by taking a listing, it’s by showing property, and…

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"I could only reach so many people in a day [knocking on doors]. But if I shoot a video, [and] I have a couple thousand views…I've effectively knocked on a thousand doors."
- Ben Bacal
Aiming High with Ben Bacal

For most real estate agents, selling homes in the upper six figures sounds like a pretty sweet deal. In fact, with the current national median price at $232,200, you’d be earning more than twice what the average agent makes on every sale. But that wasn’t enough for Ben Bacal. I could only reach so many…

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"We're in the information age. It's rare that you can't find something that you need. So go find it. There's no excuse."
- Lee Davenport
Bridging the Gaps with Lee Davenport

When I was starting out in real estate, I learned pretty quickly that there’s a big difference between knowledge and experience, between earning your license and being an expert in your craft. In fact, most of the agents I’ve talked to have a similar story of realizing that they knew plenty about real estate, but…

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"I'm an awareness guy. And I believe when you sell that…it creates a good standard for what the role of the content will be [in your business]."
- Chris Craft
A Helping Hand with Chris Craft

In the world of digital marketing, content providers have something of a mixed reputation. On the one hand, real estate agents are struggling to find the time and the know-how to create great content that attracts prospects online. On the other hand, content providers are often dismissed as little more than “content mills,” promising front-page…

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