Lead Management with Follow Up Boss


For real estate professionals, keeping track of customer relationships is about more than just storing contact information. From sorting and assigning contacts, to nurturing leads with drip email campaigns, to staying in touch with past clients, managing your contact list can be just as overwhelming as marketing to it.

With a customer relationship management (CRM) system like Follow Up Boss, you can automate common marketing and sales tasks and identify qualified prospects while integrating your contacts into the rest of your online presence.

In this play, we’ll show you how to set up and optimize your Follow Up Boss dashboard to improve your workflow and foster better relationships with your customers. 

Why this play is for you:

Import your contacts and integrate lead provider accounts
Automatically sort and filter leads using Smart Lists
Manage your team online via groups and tasks
Use Lead Flows and Action Plans to automate lead follow ups

Create Follow Up Boss Account

First, you’ll have to register for an account with Follow Up Boss by registering at www.followupboss.com.

Part 1:Choose your plan

Visit the Plans & Pricing page on the Follow Up Boss website to see a list of signup options. Each plan offers the same features with a different user allowance (3, 5, 10, and 25 agents). Find the plan that suits your needs, then click “Signup.”

Part 2:Set up payment

Enter your name, email, phone number, password, and credit card information. You can choose monthly billing, or save 20 percent by paying for a year upfront. Select “Create my account” and proceed to your Follow Up Boss dashboard.

Setup Basics

Now that you’ve created your Follow Up Boss account, you can begin using its features by connecting your email, lead sources, and other accounts.

Part 1:Connect your email

From the “Getting Started” screen on your Follow Up Boss dashboard, select “Connect my email.” (You can also do this from the Email tab in “My Settings,” located in the drop down start menu at the top right of your dashboard.)

You’ll be redirected to the login screen for the email you provided when creating your account. Follow the steps to verify your credentials and allow Follow Up Boss to access your email. Once you’re connected, all emails to and from your account will be synced to Follow Up Boss and shown in contact history.

Part 2:Import your contacts

In your current contact system, use the “Export” option in your settings menu to save your contact list to a CSV file. Then, head to your Follow Up Boss dashboard and select “Import Data” from the start menu at the top right.

If you’re importing contacts from Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Top Producer, Market Leader, or Kunversion, simply click “Choose File” to upload your CSV document. If you’re importing with a CSV file from a different application, you’ll need to format your contacts by copying them into Follow Up Boss’s template file.

Once your CSV file is correctly formatted, saved, and uploaded, click “Start Import” to add your contacts to your dashboard. See Follow Up Boss’s support article for more on importing contacts.

Part 3:Connect your lead provider(s)

To automatically import leads to your Follow Up Boss dashboard, you’ll need to adjust your settings for all the sites you’re currently using to generate leads online. (Here’s a list of supported lead providers).

If you wish, Follow Up Boss’s support team can connect your lead providers for you. Simply access the Express Set Up Form and answer the questions provided.

If you’d prefer to connect your lead sources yourself, head to the My Settings menu in your Follow Up Boss dashboard, then select the “Send in leads” tab and copy the @followupboss.me email address provided. Next, choose from the following two options:

Google Account

  1. Head to the My Settings menu in your Follow Up Boss dashboard, then select the “Send in leads” tab and copy the @followupboss.me email address provided.
  2. Sign into your Gmail account and add your Follow Up Boss email as a forwarding address. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Google. Click the link inside to verify your settings, then close and reopen your browser to refresh your inbox.
  3. Open a lead notification email from one of your lead providers. Click the drop down menu next to the reply button, then select “Filter messages like this.” Set the filter to skip your inbox and forward emails to your Follow Up Boss account. Repeat this process for each of your lead providers. For full step-by-step instructions, see Follow Up Boss’s support article on sending leads to Follow Up Boss using Gmail.

Non-Google Account

  1. Log into your lead provider account. In your settings, change the email address you use to receive your lead notifications to your Follow Up Boss email address.
  2. This process will vary from lead source to lead source. Head to Follow Up Boss’s support article to see instructions for a few popular providers.

Add Your Team

If you’re a broker with a team of real estate professionals, you can add additional users to your Follow Up Boss account according to the plan you’ve selected, as well as sort those users into groups.

Part 1:Add users

Select “Users” from the start menu, then click the “Add User” button. Enter your new user’s details, then click Save. Your new user will receive an email invitation including a link to create a Follow Up Boss account.

Part 2:Create groups

Select “Groups” from the start menu, then click the “Add Group” button. Enter a name for your group (e.g. “VIP Leads”), then check the boxes next to the names of users you want to include.

Each group will receive its own Follow Up Boss email address. Leads can be assigned to groups as well as users. Leads sent to a group will be automatically assigned to its members on a rotation.

Manage Leads

Once you’ve imported your leads and contacts, you can sort and track them for easy reference and follow up.

Part 1:Create and edit contacts

To edit details for one of your leads or contacts, simply find their entry in your “All People” list, then click on their name or photo. You’ll see an overview of your contact, with tabs for notes, recent activity, inquiries, and any associated tasks or action plans. (More on those later.)

  1. Details: Use the links in the sections on the right side to add tasks, update contact details, or add background information. You can also use this area to assign a lead to an agent or group.
  2. Tags: Use tags to quickly add details you’d like to use for sorting. For instance, you could add a tag for a specific listing address, then select that tag in the sidebar of your “All People” list to view only leads who are interested in that listing. See Follow Up Boss’s support article for more ideas on how to use tags.
  3. Status: In the top right of a contact profile, you can change their lead stage and set follow up reminders by selecting from the drop down menus. You can also use the button provided to indicate whether a lead has been contacted.

In addition to editing existing leads, you can also create a lead or contact manually by clicking the “Add Contact” button at the top of your Follow Up Boss dashboard.

BonusCustom fields

In addition to all of the fields provided by default on the contact details page, you can add your own information to each of your leads using custom fields.

  1. Access your lead or contact and click “Edit info.”
  2. Click “Add custom field.”
  3. Select an attribute from the options provided in the dropdown list on the right (e.g., birthday, website, preapproved, etc.). If the attribute you want isn’t listed, you can create your own by selecting “Add custom field…” and entering it in the box provided.
  4. Delete fields by clicking the red circle icon to the right.

See Follow Up Boss’s support article for more on using custom fields.

Part 3:Create tasks

You can create tasks in Follow Up Boss to set reminders for a variety of activities. In addition to appearing on your dashboard, due tasks are also included in a daily reminder email.

To create a task, click the “New Task” button at the top of your dashboard. Create a name for your task that describes the activity (e.g. Call Rebecca Wilson), assign a date and time, and select a user and task type from the lists provided.

You can also set quick follow up tags by selecting a follow up time from the drop down list in a lead’s profile.

Google Calendar Tasks

If you’re using a Google account, Follow Up Boss will automatically create an event in your Google Calendar for every task. Just be sure to specify a start time for your task in Follow Up Boss.

Part 4:Default lists

In addition to appearing in your “All People” contact list, your leads can also be sorted into more specific lists. By default, Follow Up Boss offers lists for nine lead stages:

  • Leads – The default stage.
  • Hot Prospects – People looking to buy or sell in the next three months.
  • Nurture – People looking to buy or sell in more than three months.
  • Buyers – People you’re actively showing homes to.
  • Sellers – People currently under contract.
  • Pending – Involved in pending deals.
  • Closed – Recently closed deals.
  • Past Client – Deals closed more than three months ago.
  • Sphere – Other connections you want to track.

Follow Up Boss also offers lists according to lead activity.

  • IDX Activity – People who have viewed a listing, saved a listing, or visited your website in the past year.
  • Email Activity – People who have opened an email or clicked a link in an email within the last four weeks.
  • Stay in Touch – People in your Past Client or Sphere stages who have not been active in the last 60 days.

Part 5:Create or edit Smart List

In addition to your default lists, you can also create Smart Lists to automatically sort your leads and contacts their stage, lead source, activity, assigned agent, tags, and more.

To create a Smart List, head to the side pane and click “New Smart List.” Name your list, choose a side panel icon, and select your sorting criteria from the drop down lists provided. Use the plus and minus buttons to add additional criteria that contacts must meet. (You can also use the “Add another rule” button to include contacts that meet a separate set of conditions.)

Finally, choose how your list will be sorted, then click “Save list.” Note that every default list is also a Smart List, and can be edited at any time by clicking the gear icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the title in the side panel.

Automate Lead Nurturing

Follow Up Boss offers several features that make it easy to automate a variety of follow up activities. (See Follow Up Boss’s support page for a full index of follow up topics.)

Part 1:Create email templates

To streamline the follow-up process, you can create and edit email templates for every stage of the customer life cycle.

To create an email template, select “Email Templates” from your start menu. You’ll see Follow Up Boss provides several sample email templates. You can modify these templates to suit your needs, or build your own from scratch by clicking the “Add Template” button.

Using Merge Fields

When editing a template, use the merge fields in the drop down list provided to automatically populate your email template subject line and body with personalized details about a recipient.

For instance, if you want to create an email template for checking in with people who have inquired about a property on one of your lead provider sites, your template might appear like this:

Subject: Re: %inquiry_address%

Hi %contact_first_name%,

I wanted to check in regarding the listing at %inquiry_address% you viewed on
%source_name%. If you have any questions about the property or want to set up a
showing, please let me know. Thanks!


A lead who receives an email via this template would see something like this:

Subject: Re: 742 Evergreen Terrace

Hi Beverly,

I wanted to check in regarding the listing at 742 Evergreen Terrace you inquired about
on Zillow. If you have any questions about the property or want to set up a showing,
please let me know. Thanks!


BonusSet up Happy Grasshopper

If you use Happy Grasshopper for email marketing campaigns, you can integrate your Follow Up Boss account to sync your contacts, tags, and other lead information to Happy Grasshopper.

  1. From your Follow Up Boss “My Settings” menu, click the “Send in leads” tab and copy your Follow Up Boss API key.
  2. Login to your Happy Grasshopper Position Me account.
  3. Click the “Integrations” tab in your Happy Grasshopper, settings menu. Paste your Follow Up Boss API in the field provided, then hit “Save.”
  4. To enable send, click, and open tracking for Happy Grasshopper emails inside your Follow Up Boss account, email your HG credentials to support@followupboss.com.

See Follow Up Boss’s support page for more on integrating Follow Up Boss with your Happy Grasshopper account.

BonusSet up MailChimp

If you use MailChimp for drip email marketing campaigns, you can integrate your account with Follow Up Boss to send targeted mass emails to your lead segments.

  1. Head to your MailChimp account settings and generate an API key for use with Follow Up Boss. Copy this key.
  2. On your Follow Up Boss dashboard, select “MailChimp Setup” in the start menu.
  3. Check the box to enable integration, then paste your MailChimp API key into the field provided. Once you click save, you’ll have access to your MailChimp lists.

See Follow Up Boss’s support article for more on MailChimp integrations.

Part 4:Create Action Plans

Action Plans are essentially follow-up templates — that is, they allow you to set up a sequence of follow up steps that can be quickly applied to your leads in Follow Up Boss.

  1. Select “Action Plans” from the start menu, then click “Create Action Plan.”
  2. Name your action plan, then choose the steps you want to run automatically. For instance, you could use Step 1 to to follow up with a new lead (i.e., on day 0) by automatically sending a template email from one of your agents. Then, you could use Step 2 to create a task on day 7, reminding the assigned agent to follow up with the lead.
  3. Click “Save plan.”

To enable an Action Plan for one of your leads, visit their profile page, then click the “Action Plans” tab.

Part 5:Set Lead Flow

Lead Flows allow you to decide what happens to different types of leads from each lead provider. Lead Flows are automatically created every time a new combination of lead source, channel, and type enters your Follow Up Boss system.

For instance, when you first receive a buyer lead from Trulia via email, Follow Up Boss will create a Lead Flow for that configuration. You can then edit that Lead Flow by choosing an Action Plan from the dropdown list, or customize it with rules by clicking the gear icon. For example, you could add a rule that assigns Trulia buyer leads for listings in a particular zip code to a specific agent on your team.

See Follow Up Boss’s support articles for more on customizing Lead Flows.