Add advanced lead capture and map search to your Placester site.

Upgrade to a Pro Site package to add rich front end features that deliver a more personalized experience and boost customer insight. In addition to getting our IDX Pages add-on, our Pro Site package helps you:


Pro Leads gives you more flexibility and control around how you capture leads and gain valuable customer insights. Get the ability to passively capture contact info, or more actively ask for information after a visitor has viewed a number of pages or spends more than 60 seconds reading a blog post. Plus custom lead capture settings and email forwarding make sure you fit your strategy to your unique market and don’t miss an opportunity.


Map search lets you add a map view for a more engaging and informative view of listings. Users have the ability to view listings on an area map, zoom in if they want to look at a specific area, and click and drag around to view other results on the map. When users zoom in to a certain point on the map, the pins that display listing location will also show the price of the listings. Nice.

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