Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What's the difference between KW Agent sites and KW Market Center sites?

    A KW Agent website powered by Placester is the ideal solution for individual KW Associates to market themselves online, while KW Market Center websites are best for promoting a Market Center and its team.

  • How much does a KW Website powered by Placester cost?

    Your KW Website powered by Placester is included in your existing KW technology fee, and comes at no additional cost.

  • How do I access my KW Website powered by Placester?

    You can access your KW Website powered by Placester by logging into your myKW account.

  • Can I see the IDX for my area before I pay for it?

    Placester incurs MLS charges each time an agent or broker uses IDX, and therefore we’re not able to show live IDX within a free site preview. If you’d like to see our IDX solution in action, feel free to consult the example sites in each theme from our customers.

  • What additional fees can I expect to pay?

    There are no hidden additional site fees. You may incur a data charge from your MLS, which you will be notified about upon sign-up. If you'd like to find out if your MLS has a surcharge for data, send an email to with your MLS name.

  • Do you cover my MLS?

    Yes! Placester currently covers over 95% of MLSs, which includes those representing all KW Associates and Market Centers in the United States.

  • I'm not a member of an MLS. Can I still use a Placester site?

    KW websites powered by Placester are designed to automatically display details of current MLS listings. If you don’t want to display MLS listings, IDX integration is not required. However, your KW website powered by Placester has built-in functionality that won’t work properly if not connected to an MLS (e.g., fixed “Search” bars won’t be able to retrieve listings).

  • How can I access your KW Luxury site design?

    The KW Luxury site design is reserved specifically for members of Keller Williams’ Luxury Homes division. For information on membership, visit

  • What types of customization will I have over my KW website?

    Placester has resolved the hard decisions for you, and our KW site designs are built with KW branding, lead generation, and user experience in mind. We provide ample opportunities to customize your photos, logos, colors, featured listings, and other on-site content. See more of our site features here.

  • I'm a developer/reseller. Is there a program for that?

    Our developer program is not currently open.

  • None of the site design names or pictures match my area, what do I do?

    Our developers have used site design names and photos to serve as placeholders only. You have the ability to change the photography, colors, and logos to match your personal brand and area. See our Academy article for great ways to get local images for your site.

  • How's the SEO on the site?

    Every KW website powered by Placester is set up for great SEO. All pages are indexable (including listing pages), and we offer unlimited pages, as well as a built-in blog you can optimize with content. You can also add meta tags and descriptions on any custom pages you build.

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