More Reasons Why You Should Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel


By Colin Ryan

Courtesy Flickr user TheeErin

In part one of this series, we discussed some of the most obvious benefits of opting for a vacation rental over a hotel or resort. Here are a few more perks you stand to gain.


Dealing with pets when you go on vacation can be difficult. Dog sitters are often hard to find, kennels are expensive, and any pet accommodations offered by a hotel are bound to be even moreso. Since many rental owners have pets themselves, vacation properties are more likely to be pet friendly.  Granted, not all will take pets, and there may be an extra fee involved, but a pet-friendly rental is nevertheless much easier to find and much more negotiable.


Vacation rentals often come with lots of furnishings and features their owners don’t advertise, either because they’re not in pristine condition or because they seem unexceptional. That said, you’d be amazed how much these little items can do for your vacation experience. Rainy day? Good thing there’s a DVD player and a closet full of puzzles and board games. Sure, there are a few pieces missing–but a hotel wouldn’t have any of these extras at all, no matter how swanky.

The Local Experience

Hotels, with their blue drinks, Hawaiian-shirted staff, manmade waterslides, and continental breakfasts, are inherently touristy. Most offer a watered-down experience of their locale in order to please as many guests as possible. Rental properties, on the other hand, are private homes, which means they’re likely to be closer to local communities, offering a better opportunity to experience your destination as a traveler, not a tourist.


At bottom, a hotel is a hotel. Every room has the same furniture, the same sheets, the same theme and amenities. That generic and uniform quality can make for a bland and unmemorable vacation experience looking back. Vacation properties, on the other hand, are distinctive. That’s because they’re homes. They have unique decor and quirks that reflect their owners. Whether fondly or not chances are you’ll remember your vacation rental: the style, the smell, the colors. You may even take a picture in front of it.

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