This reference documents version 2 of the Placester RESTful API.

The code in this document requires an API key which you can obtain from the Placester plugin.

WhoAmI will provide all the information about the entity defined in the MLS feed based on the api key provided.

The kind of information provided includes name, phone number, and a disclaimer.

Basic Use[.format]?api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

.format can be .xml or .json or blank depending on the format you want the API to output. No format will result in json. At least one aggregate key must be specified.


There are no arguments to use for WhoAmI


Key Description
id Entity ID
name Name of entity associated with API_KEY
phone Phone number associated with API_KEY
email Email associated with API_KEY
is_verified Boolean indicating whether API_KEY has been verified
api_key_id ID associated with API_KEY
provider[id] ID of the MLS provider
provider[name] Name of the MLS provider
provider[disclaimer] Disclaimer text
provider[last_import] Date of the most recent import performed
user[id] User ID associated with API_KEY
user[first_name] User’s first name associated with API_KEY
user[last_name] User’s last name associated with API_KEY
user[email] User’s email associated with API_KEY
user[phone] User’s phone number associated with API_KEY


Sample Output

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <name>Sample Realty</name>
        <install-id nil="true"/>
        <site-url nil="true"/>
        <name>Sample MLS Feed</name>
        <disclaimer>The listing information featured on this site is courtesy of Sample MLS Feed. The properties which appear for sale on this web site may subsequently have sold or may no longer be available.  The information is not real.</disclaimer>
            <inline-search nil="true"/>
            <search nil="true"/>