When using the Placester plugin, your users can add listings to their favorites very quickly and easily. All that is required is a few shortcodes added to the listings list and an account page.

Creating the Listings List “Add To Favorites” Link

There are two shortcodes needed to add the Add To Favorites link. On the Listings list, add [favorite_link_toggle] to the Shortcode Template used. Then on the page you have added the Listings to, add [pl_login_block] to allow the user to login and logout.

Creating the Profile Page

Create a new page with the following shortcodes included:




This will add the login block, a list of all the listings favorited by the user, and a user profile block. You could also use the Create Shortcode link to customize the favorite_listings shortcode.


If you have any difficulties, make sure you are not using an admin user. Also, if you are using an existing account, try creating a new user and using that account. It is possible that you created a user before it was possible to favorite listings and the user isn’t able to add favorites.