This reference documents version 2 of the Placester RESTful API. “People” does not exist in the v2.1 section.

The code in this document requires an API key which you can obtain from the Placester plugin.

Basic Use[.format]?api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[.format] can be .xml or .json depending on the format you want the API to output.


Arguments are specified on the URL usually after the API key and are separated by an &. You can use the following patterns for different types of arguments:

Argument Description Example
person_id Person to get data for



Key Description
id Person ID
relation Where the person came from
cust_relation Custom relation type
cur_data Curated data returned for the person
people[]cur_data[]name Person’s name
people[]cur_data[]email Person’s email
people[]uncur_data Uncurated data for the listing
rel_people[]id Related Person ID
rel_people[]relationship Related peoples relationship to this person
fav_listings[]id Listing ID
fav_listings[]address Address of the persons favorite listing


Sample Output

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <name>Matt Williams</name>