The Placester API allows for arguments to be combined in interesting ways to come up with more specific searches. This document provides some examples of these, along with a breakdown of what everything means.

Multiple Listings of two different property types[]=Row/Townhous&property_type[]=Row/Town/Clu&property_type_match=in
  1. This starts out with the API endpoint of followed by the api_key.
  2. Next we define a property_type of “Row/Townhous”. This should be spelled the same way it is in the MLS feed. Yours may use a different phrase.
  3. If we specify multiple property_type fields, we need to also specify how they match. So take property_type and append _match.
  4. Then choose how you want it to match. Since we are specifying an array and we want everything that matches one of the two values, we use “in”.

The resulting XML object will list all listings with property type of Row/Townhous or Row/Town/Clu.