PL_People::create() creates a person via the POST People RESTful API endpoint. The person created is a lead as seen in the CRM area. Here are some example requests:

// Returns all people
// Returns a single person


Arguments are specified in a single array.

Argument Description Example
relation – Integer Defines the type of person. Possible relations are 0, 1, or 2 which mean Custom, Client, or Lead respectively
cust_relation – String If Custom, specify the name of the relation
metadata – Array Array of metadata
rel_people – Array
listings – Array Website URL
shared_with_ids – Array
fav_listing_ids – Array
location[address]=String City
location[locality]=String City
location[region]=String State
location[postal]=String Postal/Zip Code
location[country]=String Country, 2-digit ISO 3166-1 Country Code (Defaults to US)


Sample Output

array (
  'id' => '9asdf697dsf69a7ds987ds'