Welcome to the Placester Developer Kit Getting Started Guide. This guide will introduce you to the basic concepts of using the Developer Kit and give you an idea of which components you should leverage depending on your specific needs.

SDK Graphic

There are three primary components to the SDK:

  1. The Blueprint Theme Framework
  2. The IDX Plugin
  3. The API

At the lowest level is the API. This is a collection of RESTful endpoints you can use to read and write from an MLS system using Placester’s integration. There are only a few major concepts you need to grasp in order to start working with the API. We are working on documenting the API and will update this document as information becomes available.

The next level up is the IDX Plugin. This is basically a wrapper around the API making it relatively easy to leverage the Placester integration within your WordPress installation. We are working on documenting the IDX Plugin and will update this section as information becomes available.

The highest level in the Blueprint Theme Framework. Blueprint wraps the IDX Plugin enabling you to integrate Placester into your WordPress site with minimal effort. To find out more, visit this document.