When building out a Real Estate website using the Placester plugin, you must ensure that all the required compliance details are being displayed appropriately. When we get a notice from an MLS about a site not following the compliance guidelines, we may get fined, you may get fined, and we will have to terminate the feed.

So what does proper compliance look like?

It depends on the MLS. Each MLS has different requirements but we try to make compliance as easy as possible. If you are using Shortcodes, then the inclusion of the [compliance] template tag will do it for you. With the Plugin API, there is a simple call you can make to work out the details. And if you are using the RESTful API, there is another simple call to get all the rules and text to use.

But basically it comes to including specific text for a disclaimer, office, and updated date in three main places: Search Results, Inline Search Results, and Property Details.

For more details, see the appropriate page for your type of integration. If you are using one of the themes that we are hosting for you, then all of this has been taken care of for you.

Shortcode Compliance
Plugin API Compliance
RESTful API Compliance