Usage Guidelines for Placester Content

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Great content is the key to forming solid relationships with your audience, but producing a steady stream of new articles, images, infographic and ebooks is time-consuming. Fortunately, as a Placester partner, we’ve done much of that work for you.

Placester built its loyal following with content marketing. Our Real Estate Marketing Academy contains hundreds of articles of interest to real estate professionals, with new articles added daily. This content is available for use by our partners in their email communications, websites and printed materials.

This guide provides an overview of our policies and procedures for partners. When using content from Placester, please observe the guidelines to the right.

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• Cite Placester as the source of the content.

• If used in print, include the following citation: “This article/image originally appeared in the Placester Real Estate Marketing Academy, online at”

• If used in a digital format, include a link to the original content with anchor text including “Real Estate Marketing Academy.”


• Use text content in its entirety, either online or in print, unless permission is granted by Placester.

• Edit or alter text or images.

• Use photographs from Placester, as these are typically licensed. Using graphics not containing photographs is permissible.


Examples of Articles to Share with Your Audience

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