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To make the most of your online presence, you need great tools to track and nurture your leads. With Placester Leads, you can manage all your prospects in one place, automate your team’s everyday tasks, and improve business performance.

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Placester Leads Features

View leads, create tasks and reminders, track lead sources and behavior, collaborate with your team, and more.

 Lead Management

Turning leads into customers is about knowing who they are and what they want. With Placester’s lead management tools, you can capture and manage prospects from all of your marketing channels, helping you prioritize and nurture the best leads.

    • Import external leads

      Automatically route leads from Zillow, Trulia,, and other major channels to your Placester dashboard.

    • Assign lead score

      Rank leads according to your own criteria with our color-coded system.

    • Status and notes

      Add information on lead interactions and progress.

 Tasks & Reminders

Don’t leave your follow-ups to chance. With Tasks, you can easily schedule a variety of follow-up activities and set Reminders to ensure no lead gets lost in the shuffle.

    • Create tasks

      Attach follow-up actions to each lead with due dates and times.

    • Set reminders

      Never miss a task due date.

 Teams & Automation

Whether you have ten agents or a hundred, Leads allows you to easily collaborate with your team and automate tasks to achieve maximum efficiency and results.

    • Manage your team

      View, add, and organize all the agents on your team, as well as their leads.

    • Create groups

      Sort leads into groups for each source, add team members, and choose drip marketing Plans to trigger automatically.

    • Lead routing

      Automatically distribute incoming leads to your agents via simple round robin or weighted settings.

 Reporting & Insights

Building relationships is about learning and growing. With Leads Reporting, you can get the insights you need to optimize campaigns and team performance.

    • See leads and sources

      View lead totals and popular lead sources by month, year, or your own custom timeframe.

    • View lead activity

      Monitor your leads’ actions and interests on your site.

 Amazing Support

Get fantastic support from Placester’s experts and consult our library of tutorials and FAQs.

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With Placester’s all-in-one marketing solution for real estate brokers, you’ll get beautiful, responsive websites for your entire brokerage, along with tools that empower your agents to convert more leads and close more deals — all for an affordable price.

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