Automate Your Blogging with Autopublish & Broadcast

By Colin Ryan

Feature Release

We’ve covered blogging extensively on our Real Estate Marketing Academy for a reason: brands that blog earn 88 percent more leads per month than companies that don’t. The challenge, of course, is finding time to write, publish, and share new blog posts on a consistent basis.

Luckily, Placester’s Content Library helps our customers save time with a catalog of professionally written content—and thanks to our new Autopublish and Broadcast features, you can easily publish posts to your site and share them on social media, all without lifting a finger.


Placester’s Autopublish feature allows you to automatically add two blog posts per month to your website. Simply answer a few questions about your target audience and fill in your location keywords, and Placester will publish relevant, personalized posts from our Content Library. With Autopublish, you can spend less time sweating over your blog, and more time working with clients.


Of course, publishing a blog post is just the first step: you also have to share it with your audience. With Broadcast, Placester will do your sharing for you.

Placester’s Broadcast feature automatically posts the latest Content Library articles from your Placester blog to your Facebook page, helping you reach your audience where they spend their time.


Autopublish and Broadcast are included in Placester’s advanced Agent Pro and Broker Pro subscription bundles. Current Agent Pro or Broker Pro users can visit our support page for more information about enabling these features.

Not an advanced subscriber yet? Click here to schedule a personalized demo of these and other advanced features with one of our sales experts.

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