Introducing SSL Encryption for All Placester Websites

By Colin Ryan

Feature Release

At Placester, we take security seriously—not just for real estate professionals, but also for the consumers they serve. That’s why we’re pleased to announce SSL encryption for all websites on the Placester platform.

SSL is the industry standard for securing data passed between the server that hosts your website on one end, and a visitor’s web browser on the other. With SSL, you can be confident that your visitors’ passwords, emails, and other personal information (along with your listing data) are protected from anyone who might want to steal or misuse them.

For more information about Placester’s SSL encryption, check out our full press release below.

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Placester Makes Security a Priority for Agent Sites with New SSL Feature

Continued Focus on Security Means Improved Website Experience for Customers

BOSTON, MA–(December 14, 2017)Placester, the all-in-one sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals, today announced the addition of secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates to its entire network of agent and broker websites. With the news, agent’s consumer-facing sites join Placester’s web-based solutions – including its CRM, email marketing solution, and website administration panel – to provide a secure and frictionless user experience.

SSL is a technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser so that all data passing between the two remain private. For agents, who manage proprietary listing data in their MLS as well as personal and financial information shared by consumers, Placester’s transition to a full suite of tools protected by SSL is vital.

“Online security means more today than it ever has for real estate professionals, because websites are an agent’s digital front door to customers,” said Rishi Dean, Vice President of Product, Placester. “One of the most important methods of securing data on the web is SSL, and we’re thrilled to extend this feature to our consumer-facing products to help protect our customers’ businesses.”

With this update, all Placester users will be automatically transitioned to secure SSL sites. All new websites will default to SSL encryption.

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