Inman Connect New York 2016: Placester’s Real Estate Conference Recap

By Matthew Bushery

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Placester CEO and Co-founder Matt Barba, COO and Co-founder Fred Townes, and VP of Industry Operations Seth Price were all featured in sessions at this year’s Inman Connect New York (ICNY) 2016. The topics? The direction of tech for the real estate industry, how one particular tech startup (hint: you’re reading its blog) is scaling itself for the long run, and methods agents can implement to enhance their local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Each Placester executive spoke at length about the aforementioned subjects, and the ICNY crowds were more than eager to learn about the technological advancements that lie ahead for the real estate field, how Placester has grown (and plans to grow), and what real estate marketing advancements industry pros need to know to thrive.

“We’ve made a stronger focus on working collaboratively,” Townes said about Placester’s company culture and innovation during his ICNY session. “So if you are growing in an organization, you end up firing yourself from doing certain things. Whether or not you’re the right person for the job, somebody had to do it or else you don’t have a business. … Working collaboratively in a prescriptive way is key.”

Meanwhile, Barba’s panel focused more on what he plans to do with the funding Placester has been able to secure over the past year to continue to help agents and brokers with their online real estate marketing efforts.

“We come at the question of the real estate industry from the perspective that everyone needs a common operating system,” said Barba. “We’re all talking about how technology is taking over the real estate world, and … everything needs to be integrated and talk to each other, so that’s really Placester’s mission: to build an integrated platform where everything can work.”

Regarding specific marketing activities agents should implement in the months ahead, Price honed in on the vital role SEO plays in digital marketing and how industry pros can stand out in the vast noise that is the internet.

“The competition we [in the real estate industry] think we have is not really the competition,” Price noted. “It’s not [other agents]. It’s not the person around the corner that is your competition as another broker, another agent. It’s really what people are consuming on the web. … It’s the things that people find endearing and simple and have nothing to do with what we have to sell. But that’s what people are consuming to the tune of billions of clicks a day.”

Whether you missed these sessions altogether or were there in person and simply want to relive them, you can view each of the trio’s ICNY 2016 talks in their entirety in these videos:


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