Placester Raises $15 Million in Series B Funding

By Matt Barba

Placester News

For the past several years, Placester has been committed to helping real estate agents and brokers achieve their marketing goals. Now, thanks to a Series B investment led by NEA, we have a great opportunity not just to continue helping these professionals attain success in the years ahead, but also to create truly innovative tools to bring agents and brokers closer to their customers.

Many have asked what the future holds for Placester, and this is a great time to reaffirm how we think about the world. It’s clear that the web has transformed the way consumers search for a place to live. Nevertheless, Placester believes that a skilled professional will always be critical to that process. The web won’t replace our agents, brokers, brands, associations, or MLSs. Rather, it will enable real estate professionals to continue improving the home buying and selling experience. Of course, these people will need great tools to harness the power of the web, and herein lies our mission: to build software that empowers real estate professionals.

As for how we’ll accomplish this mission, you can expect us to expand our platform’s functionality and introduce some much-needed innovation to our industry — particularly in areas where Placester has already established a strong base. In fact, this process has already begun with the recent release of Leads, our new lead management system, as well as our real estate brokerage solution, which helps brokers easily track their teams’ progress. Now, with this extra capital, Placester will continue to develop new features and functionality to meet the continually growing needs of agents, brokers, and even our publication partners.

To learn more about this latest round of funding and what it means for the future of Placester and our clients, check out our official press release. To find out more information about Placester, email us at or call us at 800-728-8391.


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