Release Notes – February 28, 2014


By Matt Williams


It was a lighter week this week for bug crushing at Placester. There are only six issues in this document but at least one of them is super exciting for me: the map shortcode finally does what our customers expect it to, woohoo! Plus the version of the plugin has been updated to v1.1.27 which incorporates all changes since December.

Placester Plugin

Map Shortcode Centers and Zooms In To Where The Properties Are – (WP–403) – One of the earliest shortcodes we added to the system was the map shortcode. While the map would always add the currently listed properties, the map would stay centered on Boston’s Logan Airport instead of where ever the properties were. This has been fixed. Now when the listings appear in a Search Listings shortcode, the locations apper on the map, the map centers on the properties, and the appropiate zoom level for the listings is chosen.

Listings Are All Included In The Site Map – (WP–395) – After we removed the Property Custom Post Type, we needed to find a different process to generate the site map. We now have something that is far more efficient than ever before. But there were certain listings that were being missed. Now those issues have been resolved.

Property Description and Image Passed Through Correctly When Shared – (WP–334) – When you add a link to a Placester property page on a Facebook Status message, you should see the main property image along with the description of the page. This was has been resolved, though it requires deactivating the Socialize plugin in case you are using it.

IDX Request Process Cleaned Up – (WP–374) – When requesting an IDX integration, certain fields were required yet not included in the form. Other fields were required yet optional in the form. These issues have been resolved.


Map Can Be Configured To Center On Any Location By Default – (WP–279) – Over the last few weeks we have solved this for other themes and now Plymouth has been added to the list. Under theme options you can set a default Latitude and Longitude to center the map on in Plymouth as well.


Advanced Search Functions Properly In All Scenarios – (WP–400) – under certain circumstances, the advanced search options would no accurately filter a search the way it should. This has been resolved for searches on pages created using the Sales and Rental Search templates.

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