Release Notes – November 29, 2013


By Matt Williams


Global Property Filters allow you to limit ALL of your listings on a site to a specific set of cities, zips, or any other criteria. Before this was limited to the standard criteria we provide in our raw feed. Now you can also apply this to custom fields.

When using shortcodes, featured listings refused to work. We have made a lot of changes to deal with this and now, even on non-Placester themes, this works great. If you are not seeing the ‘add to favorites link’ on non-Placester themes, its probably because you don’t have the login block on the listings page. Add our new shortcode: [pl_login_block] somewhere on the page and we will display the favorite links.

We added some additional fixes to the Global Filters issue fixed in the previous release notes.

Fixes in Franklin Theme

In the WordPress Dashboard you can configure widgets to appear in sidebars. But when you added widgets to the testimonial page sidebar, they did not appear on the testimonial page. This has been fixed.

Fixes in the Fremont Theme

When adding the Good Reads widget to the site, there was no way to change the title of the widget. Now you can.

Fixes in Plymouth Theme

The neighborhood widget was displaying random neighborhoods. Now the neighborhoods you define as featured neighborhoods are the ones displayed in that widget.

Fixes in Sedona Theme

If you resize the browser, the magnifying glass on the listings-search search button would move to the side. This has been fixed so the images stays in the button.

On the property details page, there was an errant > displayed next to square feet. This has been removed.

The MLS logo was often being displayed stretched and distorted on listing pages. This has been fixed.

Fixes in Toronto Theme

When using Feedburner with our themes, the feeds would not link properly. This has been resolved.

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