[Video] Why We’re Excited to Partner with Developers

By Matt Barba

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At Placester, we power tens of thousands of real estate sites, and what we’ve learned in our experience is that every real estate agent and broker is unique. Some agents and brokers focus on specific geographic areas, some focus on specific property types, and some focus on specific transaction types. The resounding pattern is that they all have some unique experience that makes them stand out. The only way these agents and brokers will succeed is by getting their uniqueness front and center on the web. And that requires expert guidance around design and IDX search functionality.

Our Mission

Our goal at Placester isn’t to sell everyone the same cookie-cutter site, and our goal isn’t to provide customization or consulting services. Instead, Placester’s mission is to build a platform that allows you to apply your unique expertise to help real estate professionals get on the Web. And that’s where our partners come in.

placester platform stack

As a partner using Placester’s platform, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to realign the entire equation so that you can spend time creating a product or providing services that best address the needs of your clients. Using Placester’s platform, you can build a completely custom, beautiful website, or a custom IDX based off the knowledge and insight that you bring to your customers. We’re dedicated to bringing you better results and stronger economics.

To learn more about the Placester partner program, send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-728-8391.

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