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By Matt Barba

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At Placester, we know that there are lots of exceptionally talented developers and designers out there who work in the real estate space. One of our goals is to make it easier for these developers and designers to craft beautiful, IDX/MLS real estate websites for their clients. To accomplish this goal, we’ve created the Placester solution partner program.

A Complete Solution

Before we dive into the details of the partner program, it’s important to note that Placester is more than just a website creation tool or an IDX solution: it’s a completely integrated and fully customizable platform that you can host yourself or host with us. The platform includes…

  • a RESTful API
  • a fully responsive IDX plugin for WordPress
  • a theme framework
  • an extensive gallery of themes

Beautiful Themes at Your Fingertips

As a Placester solution partner, you get access to all of our themes, including our premium and responsive themes, which you can modify or resell as is — even with your own branding. In addition, you can use our platform to power the IDX or search functionality in your existing themes or any other third-party WordPress theme that you might purchase elsewhere.

placester theme gallery

Completely Custom IDX

The most important point that I want you to take away is that Placester’s platform allows you to build a completely custom IDX solution. Specifically, you can customize which fields users can search with as well as which listing information appears in search results and on property detail pages. In addition, you can customize and control the HTML and CSS of all the IDX functionality. This means you no longer need to sell the same tired IDX: you can sell your IDX…an IDX that’s backed up by all of the knowledge and expertise that makes you and your business so valuable to real estate professionals.

Cost Considerations

As a Placester solution partner, you can charge your customers whatever you’d like. The cost to you is just $45 per month, per website, and bulk discounts kick in if you build six or more sites. There are no upfront fees to get started.

placester solution partner pricing

To learn more about becoming a Placester solution partner, send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-728-8391.

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