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By Erik Devaney

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The Placester team is excited to announce that we are partnering with Curaytor, a leading website development and digital marketing company for real estate professionals. To help you understand what this partnership will mean for the Placester community, we got in touch with Curaytor Co-Founder, Jimmy Mackin.


Placester: How did Curaytor get its start?

Jimmy Mackin: All of the original founders have a shared passion for marketing and technology and felt strongly that the average agent was woefully unprepared to market to the modern consumer. We were inspired to create a tool that organized the collective knowledge of our industry in a very accessible way. We held a Google+ Hangout, had a 30 minute conversation, and launched the company the following week.

P: What sets Curaytor apart from other real estate website developers?

JM: That’s a tough question. We have ton of respect for all of our “competitors”. Companies like Boomtown, Virtual Results, Real Estate Webmasters and others are developing great solutions for our industry. But we go all in with our clients. Our willingness to fully understand our clients’ problems and develop solutions around them to help them run a more efficient and profitable business is something we take a lot of pride in. I guess you could call that our competitive advantage: we care about our customers and will go to great lengths to do what we can to help them.


P: Why did Curaytor decide to use Placester as its IDX solution?

JM: It’s no big secret that the current MLS structure is a complete disaster. The fact that there are over 800 MLSs that all essentially do the same thing is the definition of insanity. Placester has allowed a small bootstrap company like ours to instantly gain access to a much larger pool of potential clients. The impact that has had on our business has been immense.

P: What’s one stand-out feature of Curaytor that the Placester community should know about?

JM: Our design. We pride ourselves on creating beautifully designed sites. Design goes beyond just images, fonts and colors. Usability is arguably the most important part of the design process. Websites should be simple, fast and easy to navigate. They should work across all devices, even BlackBerrys.

P: Can you recommend an example of your work?

JM: Sure. You can check out

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